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Sun Room Reveal

21 Jul

sun room

Done, done, done, done, done! After a little window cleaning and paint touch-ups, we finished up the sun room this weekend. Surprisingly, we got the entire thing done in about a month (including a whirlwind wedding weekend and Eric traveling a week for work). Ironically, it’s the first room in the entire house that’s 100% done. ¬†You see where our priorities are. ūüôā

As a reminder, here’s where we started. Giant spiderwebs, broken doors, disgusting carpet, mildew, broken window treatments, the works!


And here’s where we are today:

sun room decor renovation

sun room, decor

sun room, decor

sun room, decor, bar cart, cabinet sun room, cabinet, summer to do list, storage


 sun room

sun room table, decor

I love how much of this is DIY, like the table, cabinet, storage baskets, flooring, and even the art.

I even updated a few things, like these lanterns…

and this vase.  It was just your basic glass vase, but I painted the inside with metallic gold spray paint.

It’s also functional for everyone in the family. ¬†Eric and I have a nice lounging spot. ¬†We can also entertain in the space and have a place to put drinks and snacks without grubby little fingers reaching it :). ¬†Matthew even has his own little space. ¬†We left the far corner empty-ish after seeing how much fun he had rolling balls, spinning in circles, and riding his car. ¬†The ottoman is empty now, but I anticipate it holding more toys. ¬†Under the table is a bin for balls and the most-played-with toys. ¬†In the cabinet drawers are things like bubbles and extra chalk.

It wasn’t just cosmetic work that needed done. ¬†We cleaned the gutters and fixed some flushing on the main roof that was directing water to the ceiling–creating a small drip inside. ¬†I also think we went through 3-4 tubes of caulk. ¬†On top of that, we had to thoroughly clean everything–the rail on the sliding door had at least 10 years of crud caked in it.

The best part about doing an outdoor space upgrade in July is that for the stores, Summer is already over, which means everything is heavily discounted. ¬†We picked up 5 new throw pillows–all 50-75% off. ¬†Even the patio plants were discounted as low as $1 at Lowes. We did splurge on the sectional, but it was totally worth it. ūüôā

I have to admit, having this room done and accessorized just the way we want has taken it from “this is the house we live in” to “this is really starting to feel like our house.”

Surprise! Sun Room Redo

8 Jul

You missed a spot, Dad!

We have a sunroom. ¬†I posted about it last year here. ¬†It wasn’t much of a room, but it was a nice place to let Matthew play during rainy days or to sit for a few minutes while he played outside. ¬†One day a few weeks back, I got inspired by this post, and thought hmmmm…I would love to paint the ceiling in here. ¬†This was a great plan because we have tons of half-empty paint cans in the garage just begging to be used. ¬†So a free, easy project, right? ¬†No. Of course, of course, this snowballed into an entire room make-over. ::facepalm::

First, we did indeed paint the ceiling. ¬†Sadly, it did not turn out as dark as I wanted, so it’s just a hint of color. ¬†But that’s ok. We have to repaint it anyway…

sun room blue ceiling

Thankfully we did this project during Rain-a-geddon, and noticed the ceiling was leaking. Bye, bye paint job. ūüė¶ ¬†Thankfully, it was just clogged gutters, which Eric fixed in the pouring rain, and nothing a little caulk couldn’t fix.

Then, we noticed how dingy the walls were, so we decided to give them a fresh coat of paint. ¬†I mean, we already had paint, so why not? ¬†It was exhausting. ¬†The whole thing had to be hand-painted…and now we have tons of paint to scrape off of the windows.

paint on window

Then, Eric somehow talked me into painting the brick. ¬†I mean, we already had the paint, so WHY NOT?! I didn’t really want to paint what is technically the exterior of the house, but I admit, it looks UH-Mazing now. ¬†Also, a very, very, very exhausting job. ¬†We needed two coats of primer and two coats of paint. ¬†Even using a large nap roller, we had to hand paint most of it, because it’s not a smooth brick. ¬†Lots of bumps and crevices within each brick.

By this point, we’d put so much time and effort into the room, we figured we’d might as well do something about the floor. ¬†It was your standard ole concrete floor, and we thought a nice coat of concrete paint would suffice. ¬†Unfortunately, we forgot how bad the two cracks running through the room were. ¬†Upon closer inspection, we realized we couldn’t patch it well enough to have a paint job look good. ¬†Eric had his heart set on doing something with the floor, so I went back to the drawing board, where I found this:

vinyl plank

We read lots of reviews about vinyl flooring in sun rooms and even on patios, and we actually used vinyl tile in the bathroom and laundry room with good results. ¬†It definitely was more than I wanted to spend on my “free” project, but it didn’t necessarily break the bank either. ¬†We lurve it. ¬†Like love, love, love it. It took the room from meh to whoah.

vinyl plank sun room

Before laying any flooring, you have to prime it with special vinyl  floor primer.  It rolls on like paint and takes just a couple of hours to dry.  It dries tacky so that the planks have something more to adhere to.  This is the drying primer, plus the huge crack.

sun room vinyl tile plank

Of course, we then needed quarter round to cover the edges of the vinyl plank and then we had to caulk all of that.

sun room floor

And while it wasn’t expensive, it was a cost. ¬†You see where I’m going? ¬†My “free” project is slowly bleeding us dry. ūüôā ¬†Next up, a DIY storage cabinet/bar, DIY coffee table, new furniture, and accessories! Stay tuned!

House Party: Kitchen

21 Jan

House Party

Words. There are no words. ¬†So let’s look at pictures, shall we?



Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Such a happy, happy place now. ¬†I think my retinas would have burned out had we left it alone–even the insides of the cabinets were painted bright orange. ¬†Matty kinda looks frightened by it all…

Things Done

  • Sanded, primed, & painted cabinets and doors
  • Installed one new cabinet
  • New knobs, pulls, & hinges on cabinets
  • Removed carpet and padding (eew)
  • Installed flooring (Peruvian Rosewood from Build Direct)
  • New appliances (fridge, range, range hood, and dishwasher)
  • Replaced all outlets, light switches, and covers
  • Installed new electrical circuit
  • New countertops
  • New faucet
  • Two new light fixtures
  • Removed decorative trim from cabinets
  • Painted ceiling
  • Removed door separating Kitchen from Laundry Room
  • Removed laminate?! backsplash
  • Repaired wall from said laminate backsplash
  • Installed new penny tile backsplash
  • Craigslisted the old stove for $40!
  • Craigslisted the old dishwasher for $60!
  • Moved the ¬†fridge to the garage…MAN FRIDGE (it’s full of beer and candy…)

It was a process…

Chipping away the backsplash piece by piece, and removing phone lines running  through the cabinets

We had to put all the demo somewhere–then pay for a special garbage pick-up

See the cabinet to the left of the stove? ¬†When we moved in, this was in the garage. ¬†We didn’t know why…when we moved it back, it didn’t fit. ¬†You can’t quite see it here, but it hung into the doorway about an inch. ¬†The original stove was the same size…so…right. ¬†We don’t really know what went down with this cabinet. ¬†And the range hood is some odd size. ¬†So maybe it wasn’t the original stove. ¬†But we have paperwork and receipts dated for a stove from 1963. I. just. don’t. know.

So we had to buy a new cabinet.  Thankfully, a stock cabinet fit perfectly.

BEST PICTURE YET! We measured the dimensions for a new fridge, except for height. Ha! So after it was delivered, we realized it wouldn’t fit unless we removed the upper cabinet, which was crazy-affixed to the other cabinets.

We actually got a cash-back allowance for kitchen upgrades, so we tried to make the most cost-effective choices we could. ¬†Originally, we were going to get new cabinets, but when we realized we would pretty much keep the same layout (and realized these were some sturdy, well-made cabinets), it made more since just to paint them. ¬†Then we were going to just get new doors so we could do a more updated design and hidden hinges, but it would have taken 2-3 months to get them, so it just made since to save time and money. ¬†We definitely realized this isn’t our forever home, so we made choices we could live with for a few years until we hopefully (fingers-crossed, prayers to heaven!) get relocated back to Cinci (or somewhere with a beach–I could do that.)

To Do

  • Patch the walls
  • Paint the walls (still determining color vs. all-white)
  • Grout the backsplash (yes, it’s been up since March)
  • T molding on the floor
  • Baseboard molding along the bottoms of the cabinets
  • DIY window treatment
  • Fix the sawed-out cabinet above the fridge
  • Lighting…we have 4 different light fixtures in a 10′ x 13′ space. ¬†And if you count the adjoining Family Room, we have 6 different types of light fixtures in a 10′ x 37′ space. ¬†It’s very chaotic.
  • Pulls on the new cabinet

So. That wraps up the House Party. Blast, wasn’t it? ¬†If nothing else it got the Hubs to get his butt in gear and tackle some much-needed projects. ¬†Although it may have worked too well since he’s talking about cutting down trees and making pavers for a patio…

House Party: Family Room

20 Jan

House Party

Yet another awkward living space…it’s almost too small for furniture like couches and tables, but too big to be left open. ¬†Add that every wall has an obstruction, and yeah…awkward.



It definitely got worse before it got better, though.

Things Done

  • Removed carpet
  • Patched cracked tile (for an even base for the new floor)
  • Installed new flooring
  • Painted ceiling
  • Painted walls
  • Painted trim
  • Painted built-ins and shelving
  • New ceiling fan
  • Painted entry door
  • New switches, outlets, and covers


  • Lighting–it’s just chaos–more about that in the kitchen post to come…
  • Decor
  • Furniture layout

I really want to turn this into a formal dining room. ¬†I picture a large dining table, like this…

dining table

or even a round table, like this…

I pushed two folding tables together when we had Matty’s Baptism, and it worked great. ¬†I could see some great game nights happening in here, too.

This room currently houses Matty’s play kitchen and store. ¬†So maybe every room is turning into the playroom? ūüôā

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