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Beach Day

17 Jun

With weather sneaking into the 80’s last week, we needed ways to cool off. So we decided to hit the beach!

Oh, I wish we were close to a real beach, but alas, we had to settle for a local park.  Just a few minutes from home, we have Ottawa Metro Park with a sandy beach, lake, toddler water table, and water slides.  So what did Matty like best?

The blanket. He liked the blanket. Aka, not touching the sand or going anywhere near the water.  Thankfully I brought snacks. Wait, sitting at the big picnic tables may have been his favorite part.

It took him a good 30 minutes to “warm-up” to the idea of being there (even though he was yelling “beeeeeach!” the entire car ride there).  Once he did though, he enjoyed the sand, filling up the buckets and having me dump them out so he could stomp on them while yelling “squeesh” (all from the comforts of the blanket!).  Of course, he was totally freaked that the sand wouldn’t come off of his feet and he kept asking me to “keen” them and to “taka bash” (clean them and take a bath).

He did eventually get within a few feet of the water. 🙂

We managed to stay there for almost 2 hours, which is a long span for him.  He also keeps asking to go back, so we’ll see how that goes!

If you’re local and looking for something to do, here’s the details:

Ottawa Metro Park

Open everyday, Noon-7:00 pm

Kids under 2 are free, and adults are $5

We went after nap, around 2:30-4:30, and it wasn’t crowded at all–maybe 25 people?  There were moms with preschool age kids, and teenagers playing volleyball and playing on the water slide, so lots of room to spread out and let Matty run around.

And yes, that IS the same beach outfit he wore 15 months ago at 6 months old…I don’t think his opinion on sand has changed much though!


5 Years

10 Jun

Friday, Eric and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary.  We ordered a small cake from the company who made our wedding cake, which has now opened a shop that sells coffee and cupcakes in the Cincinnati bridal district.  We may have to start making that a regular stop!

cake tresbelle

Matthew spent the day romping with his Aunt’s dogs, feeding the turtles at his Grandma’s house, and otherwise enjoying Grandma and Aunt Amy time.


Then we finished the night by helping some friends (best man in our wedding) finish up some details for their upcoming wedding.  They have a guest list of over 400, so they needed a bit of help with their invitations!

Of course, we took a stroll down memory lane with some pictures…

And did some reflection.  We’re currently working on an art project for the house using old memorabilia, and we came across a crumpled piece of paper in the bottom of a tote.

Back in 2005, Eric and I went to Daytona after Finals Week (we barely knew each other, but that’s another story!), and before we left to come home, we made a list of all the things we hoped to do together (as friends, of course!).  Obviously, a few months later we started dating, and three years later we got married.  We never really thought about that list until we found it this weekend.  Ironically, we’ve managed to do a lot of things on the list that we wanted to do together:

#2. New York

#7. Gatlinburg (almost 7 months pregnant, no biggie!)

#8. Yellowstone

10. Take a Cruise (We’ve been on 3!)

2008 (Honeymoon)


2012 (Matty’s 1st Vacation!)

#25. Columbus Blue Jackets Game

#26. Red’s Game (Lots of ’em, but our favorite was one lasting 17 innings!)

#36. Indy 500

And unfortunately, we will not be able to do #21.  Go To the Republic National Convention 2008. Ha!

It was  really fun to look back over the past 8 years and realize that the things that we wanted to do together then, are still the things we want to do together now.  And heck, after 5 years of marriage and 2 years of parenthood, we’re just happy we still want to do anything together. 🙂

This was in Eric’s box of mementos, and he get’s major points for holding on to this for 8 years!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I married him.

Happy Memorial Day!

27 May


It’s been a crazy weekend. Crazy good, but still crazy. Matthew was able to experience his first parade this morning, though he may have been more enthralled with the steps, of course.  He loved the trucks, and spent the walk back to the car asking for “more chrucks”. Oh, and he loved the fact that “Pop Pop” went with him.



The day before, Eric and I went to the Indy 500.  Aside from our shortcuts to and from the track being closed for “security reasons”, a major road into the track being closed for “security reasons’, waiting in traffic for an hour, losing our parking spot, and waiting almost 2 hours in line just to get into the track for “security reasons”, it was a great day!  Apparently, at one point in the day, security officials were measuring coolers, like physically measuring coolers. FOR WHAT PURPOSE?! You can take whatever size bag you want in. They weren’t even really checking bags. But damn you and your 16 x 16 cooler with too much ice!

Thousands of people missed the start of the race, and we witnessed more than one fight almost break out from people upset in line.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, once it got close to racetime, they quit checking bags and coolers at all, and once the race started, they just opened the gates and didn’t even take tickets, so anyone could just walk in.  Obviously those unnecessary security procedures did their job…(sarcasm hand).


This picture was taken about 11:30.  Aka, we moved about 250 feet in 45 minutes.  Our line had no end in sight, and the line to the right is the line to other gate, which had doubled-back on itself.  Thankfully, we did make the start of the race and had great pit views.


We changed our seats this year, and although it was fun to see the pits, we couldn’t see much else, so we’ll be changing next year.  We also had great weather.  This is first year that I’ve gone where it hasn’t been 90 degrees.


And because Saturday wanted in on some of the holiday weekend action, we found ourselves at bachelor and bachelorette parties for Eric’s sister and her future hubby. Unfortunately, due to lack of a babysitter for the kiddo and travel to Indianapolis, I missed out on some of the festivities, but did join a group of lovely ladies for afternoon of wine and painting.


It’s an awesome idea–an unpainted canvas with a picture lightly sketched on, a few mini-lessons throughout the session, and a glass or two (or three, if that’s your thing…) of wine.  Voila! Anyone can paint.  It really was a lot of fun.




Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day (or Decoration Day, if you’re totally old school).  Apparently it’s been Memorial Day since WWII, but I totally learned Decoration Day in school.

2013 Summer Fun List

21 May

summer to do list

The weather has hit almost 90 degrees (???!!!), the local water parks and amusement parks are open, and the sunscreen is flowing freely, so it’s time to think about all of those activities–large and small–that we want to do to make our summer fantastic.  This year, I decided to  do two lists: one for family fun, and one for myself (and the hubby).  We really need to work on balance around here, aka get out more, so hopefully this will help.

summer to do list 2013


no kid to do list 2013

You can check out last year’s To Do list rundown here.  We have a busy, busy summer ahead of us (and already upon us), but I hope we can take the time to get these goals done.


1. Any must-do Summer activities?
2. Any traditions? Eric’s gone to the Indy 500 every year since he was 6, and I started going in 2004. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone the last two years due to a little thing I like to call “a baby.” 🙂
3. What is the first “sign of Summer” to you?

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