4 Jul

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!  We’re having a day filled with grilling, festivals, and other pre-approved shenanigans.

And baseball. What could be more American than baseball?

Daddy taught me the great American past-time of baseball.

Here’s how you play:

1. Jab baseball with the tip of the bat

2. Get corrected by Fun Police

3. Swing (with all your might)

4. Swing softer. Hit a foul.

5. Spin with glee. Or boredom. Same thing.

6. Take a break to collect pinecones and dandelions.

7. Disassemble tee and use the top as a faux shop-vac.  Sweep yard.  Watch Daddy hang head in defeat.

Look at me, all ready for Little League.  I’ll fit in great, no?

Happy Freedom Day, ‘Murica!

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