Beach Day

17 Jun

With weather sneaking into the 80’s last week, we needed ways to cool off. So we decided to hit the beach!

Oh, I wish we were close to a real beach, but alas, we had to settle for a local park.  Just a few minutes from home, we have Ottawa Metro Park with a sandy beach, lake, toddler water table, and water slides.  So what did Matty like best?

The blanket. He liked the blanket. Aka, not touching the sand or going anywhere near the water.  Thankfully I brought snacks. Wait, sitting at the big picnic tables may have been his favorite part.

It took him a good 30 minutes to “warm-up” to the idea of being there (even though he was yelling “beeeeeach!” the entire car ride there).  Once he did though, he enjoyed the sand, filling up the buckets and having me dump them out so he could stomp on them while yelling “squeesh” (all from the comforts of the blanket!).  Of course, he was totally freaked that the sand wouldn’t come off of his feet and he kept asking me to “keen” them and to “taka bash” (clean them and take a bath).

He did eventually get within a few feet of the water. 🙂

We managed to stay there for almost 2 hours, which is a long span for him.  He also keeps asking to go back, so we’ll see how that goes!

If you’re local and looking for something to do, here’s the details:

Ottawa Metro Park

Open everyday, Noon-7:00 pm

Kids under 2 are free, and adults are $5

We went after nap, around 2:30-4:30, and it wasn’t crowded at all–maybe 25 people?  There were moms with preschool age kids, and teenagers playing volleyball and playing on the water slide, so lots of room to spread out and let Matty run around.

And yes, that IS the same beach outfit he wore 15 months ago at 6 months old…I don’t think his opinion on sand has changed much though!


One Response to “Beach Day”

  1. ahealthyhappyhome June 18, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

    Oh how fun! Our little guy isn’t much of a water lover. He hated the lake a few weeks ago when we went. Hopefully he grows out of it!

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