Man Cave: Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

16 Jun

That’s right.  Eric got a man cave for Father’s Day this year.  When we were deciding whether or not to buy a house 18 months ago, Eric’s one stipulation was that he was allowed to buy a Playseat with steering wheel for video games and that he have a place to put it.  Well, we bought the playseat.  Heck, we even bought a 46″ TV to go with it.  But unfortunately, we never found the right place to put the seat. After it being shoved behind Matthew’s playhouse for the past 6 months, I finally decided to do something about it.

We have this little room off of the garage.  Eric always called it his “man room”, but instead of using it, he shoved a bunch of half-empty paint cans, old tools, and leftover renovation materials in it.  So I decided it needed to be a “real” man room.  We spent 2 days cleaning it out. My only stipulation for this project was that I spend no money.  We have tons of other stuff that has to get done, and this is definitely not a necessity.  Plus, we have plenty of paint, materials, and decor items from previous projects just lying around.

This is what I started with:

Let’s take a look now, shall we?!

The door to the room started tan and grimy.  I primed and painted a bright white, but it seemed too glaring, so I added a bit of pop with some wooden numbers spray-painted oil rubbed bronze. Now Eric has no excuse to forget my or Matthew’s birthday!

The ceiling got a fresh coat of white.  The walls got the last of some Rockport Grey that we used in the living room.  We realized this space would also be perfect for when Eric works from home or needs to take a call without hiding in the closet to get away from Matty, so we hung his insanely huge white board so he has a place to track stocks, make notes while taking conference calls, and scribble video  game notes.

We recently bought this shelf at IKEA for Matty’s outdoor toys, but it didn’t quite work out.  I was happy to find it a new home here.  Eventually, we’ll need to get him a more comfy chair, but this works for now.

Eric has been to a lot of races, so I took some of his old tickets and put them in a frame we already had. Perfecto!

The red cabinet is one of my favorite things in here.  We inherited it with the house, but it was grimy and green.  I did invest $12 for a few cans of spray paint, but it was worth it.  Eric had to step in to run coax and some electrical, but he very happily obliged.  And before you worry that he’ll freeze or burn up, he’s got a portable air conditioner and space heater, and things are very cool in there now.

Have you ever painted brick? It’s so fun! (Sarcasm font, please!).  And this seat? No, you wouldn’t be able to find a place for it in your house either. 🙂

This IS my favorite thing in the room.  I took a program from the F1 race Eric went to in 2001, and pulled out 2 pages to frame.  I used a textured cardstock as a mat, and it really makes a huge difference.

We still have plans for a new light fixture and a rug.  We may also redo the entire garage floor, but um yeah…that’s going to be a while.  In the meantime, Eric’s definitely enjoying his new space!

And just because:

man caveAnd just to wrap up our Father’s Day fun:

We had a nice visit with family (3 generations of great men, here)

Due to said family trips, Matty was all tired out, so he slept in until 9! We let Eric sleep until 10:30 while we ran out for donuts and breakfast.

Oh yes, I will reward him with stacks of donuts for a good night’s sleep! I will make it rain donuts for a solid 8 hours of slumber. Jk (kind of).  To his credit, he did eat one sprinkle, and then ate all of his breakfast.  It took him all day to eat half of the donut–he would take a tiny, tiny bite, then place it down just so, then run around yelling “donut”.  Crazy kid.  And yes, he’s wearing Eric’s earplug.

We got Eric some cookies and a bottle of wine for the man cave, and Matthew made him a footprint picture and an “All About Daddy
questionnaire–a tradition we started last year.

This has got to be Eric’s best Father’s Day ever! Ok, ok, he’s only got one to compare to, but still.

3 Responses to “Man Cave: Ultimate Father’s Day Gift”

  1. ahealthyhappyhome June 18, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    What an awesome Father’s Day gift! You did an amazing job! Your hubby is a lucky man 🙂


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