He Said Flag, I Promise

11 Jun

Matty Moments

It’s time for another exciting episode of Matty Moments. I need to remember to write all of this down, because I don’t remember the half of it.  But he said something so outrageous today, it reminded me I needed to chronicle more.


Out taking a walk around the neighborhood while many, many neighbors are out:

Matty: Shoot da fag! (in the loudest possible toddler voice ever heard)


::runs away avoiding all eye contact::


I walk into the sunroom to find birdseed all over the floor:

Me: Who made this big mess?

Matty: Amy. (he didn’t even pause–he must have planned his story out ahead of time)

Me: Aunt Amy drove all the way to our house and made a big mess?

Matty: Uhhhh-huuuh. And pizza!

Me: Oh, and she brought pizza?

Matty: Uh huh. Mmmmm. ::rubs belly::


Working in the yard when a neighbor stops by to chat:

Matty: (looks up after being shy for a few minutes) Poop poop mah hand!

Neighbor: Your hand?

Matty: Poop. Poop. (enunciating it very clearly so she understands)

Neighbor: (looks at me me quizzically)

Me: ::nervous laugh:: Thanks for stopping by!

::runs in house::

If you didn’t guess, there was quite the unfortunate potty learning accident this week. 🙂


Getting ready for bed, and sitting down to nurse:

Matty: Bites of milk?

Me: NOOOOOOO! …You can have a drink of milk…

Matty: ICE! Two ice? Mmmm. Cold milk. Ice? Yeah. Ok. Ice. (runs for kitchen)



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