Munchkin Meals: Veggie Plate

6 Jun

It’s Munchkin Meals time again! The unofficial theme this month is how much your munchkin eats.  Considering the before and after from my little nibbler wouldn’t be much to look at, I decided to share a little tip that has been working really, really well for us this past month: the dinner-prep veggie plate.

toddler meals

What’s that you ask? A brilliant solution thought of no one ever before? No. But I always laugh when I realize how it really is the simple things that work best.  Meal-prep is hard for a lot of people, and we are no exception.  Hubby doesn’t get home from work at a consistent time each day, sometime fluctuating by hours.  Wee One never seems to really want to eat at the same time each day.  By the time I finally get around to cooking dinner, there are 3 cranky people marching around the kitchen. (Yes, I’ve tried feeding Matty first, but he just asks for Daddy and holds out until he gets home.)

A few weeks ago, I was chopping veggies for a dish, and Eric and Matthew kept snagging veggies off the tray.  Forget it, I thought, just take it!  So I handed it over, and they both sat happily at the table, eating an entire tray of fresh veggies, while I cooked the rest of the meal.  I think Eric and I were even able to have a full conversation during this time! 🙂

So each night I’ve been putting out a veggie (and usually a little fruit) tray, and each night I have two happy boys sitting quietly at the table. 🙂  It’s usually just carrots, celery with ranch, green or red peppers, and cucumbers. Matthew has eaten 2 entire cucumbers by himself over the past month!  I’ve also been tossing some diced apples, pears, strawberries, and frozen blueberries on.  I’ve started prepping these earlier in the day, and it really takes a lot of the evening stress off.

I really have no problem if everyone wants to fill up on fresh veggies and fruit.  I think the greatest thing is that Hubby and Wee One are eating tons more veggies than they do when I cook them, and it’s even easier than actually cooking them! Wins all around.


Any little tips that make big improvements to meal-prep?
What are some other good pre-dinner veggie choices?

Psst. I’m linked up @ A Healthy Slice of Life for Munchkin Meals.  Check it out!

2 Responses to “Munchkin Meals: Veggie Plate”

  1. JulesJ June 6, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    great idea! my daughter loves freeze dried peas, I order a huge tub off of amazon. she also loves sweet mini peppers, I cut the top off, pull out the seeds and she likes walking around munching on it like it is an apple.

    • Ashley Niehaus June 6, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

      Ooh, I like the pepper idea. I bet Matthew would like that, too.

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