The Great Fence-In 2013: Part 2

28 May


Ahhh! Doesn’t that look amazing?  Super Hubby built it with his own two hands. Quit laughing. I’m serious.  Needless to say, I’m beyond impressed.

He did have some help. His mom and dad came up for a day to help watch Wee One and dig the holes.  His mom even mulched our front flower beds (while watching Matty–why can’t we do that?! lol), which was a HUGE help!  And I think we borrowed tons of tools from various friends.  We have very resourceful friends. Plus one awesome Craigslist find for a rototiller. And of course, I helped with painting, mulching, and planting.  We have hours of blood, sweat, and tears into this thing, literally! It was in the 80’s most days, and rosebushes are sharp!

 We’ve had neighbors stop (repeatedly) to tell us how great it looks, so we’re feeling pretty proud.

Here’s the view from the backyard when we moved in, and now:


And the view from the side yard:


The best part?  The fence, gate, and arbor were under $250 to make and install, including paint, painting supplies, gravel to set the posts, and fence hardware.  Heck, I’ve seen arbors for almost that price alone! It was much cheaper than buying pre-made fence panels, of which we would have still had to do the hard labor of digging holes.

We still have plans to add a few more flowers, including a couple of climbing plants up the arbor.  But for now, it’s doing a wonderful job of keeping Matthew contained!

Oh, and since this is Part 2, be sure to read up on Part 1.


1. Hubby impress you with his brute strength and engineering lately? 🙂
2. Why is outdoor work so backbreaking and lengthy, yet the payoff never seems quite as big?

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