Color Theme: Red

12 Apr

all about red

This theme had beans and Llama Llama. Needless to say, it was a hit.

Color Learning Tip #4

Provide multiple examples and non-examples of the color.  Show an apple that is red and an apple that is green. That way, kids don’t focus on the shape or texture of an apple and think that means “red”.

Sensory Box


  • dried red beans base
  • pom pom craft balls
  • wooden blocks
  • sensory ball
  • red crab tambourine
  • magnetic letters
  • counting bears
  • red flash card
  • cup
  • scoop

Total Spent: $3.79 for beans & scoop

The little scoop was new this time.  I found it at a local plastic manufacturing store for $.49. Score!  He loved it.


red books all

1. Llama Llama Red Pajama. In a knock down drag out fight between this book and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, I’m not sure who would emerge victorious as Matty’s favorite book.  Even Eric can recite this from heart, and he is not the reader of bedtime stories.

2. Lemons Are Not Red.  Matty loves anything that has a negative–“no” or “not”, so this was a hit.  The awesome illustrations/die cut pages didn’t hurt either.  I liked that it promotes critical thinking and isn’t just another silly story.

3. Red Truck.  Again, the illustrations are great, especially for teaching colors.  Most pages are set with a gray background, with a bright red truck.  There’s also a bright yellow bus, which is nice since we finished our yellow theme right before this.


playdough texture

1. Playdough textures.  We’re very into playdough around here, so I decided to jazz it up.  We took beaded bracelets, play animals, buttons, golf balls, a comb, etc. and explored pushing them into the dough.

2. “The Regulars”. Stamping, markers, crayons, and stickers on large easel paper.

3. Red Snack. Strawberries, red bell peppers, and apples with Raspber-wee Sauce for dipping.

4. Hearts.  We cheated a bit, and covered red a little during Valentine’s Day.

There’s tons more books we could have used for red (Clifford anyone?), and also many more activities.  But I think we’ve found a good process in terms of switching out basic items like crayons and stickers and playdough each week.  I’m about 99.9% sure he knows all of his colors at this point!

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