Play Box: Little Blue Truck

9 Apr

Little Blue Truck

We used Little Blue Truck with our blue theme,  but of course it’s stuck around much longer, i.e. we’ve read it 100 times.  After so many readings, I had the epiphany that I could change it up a bit.  We had everything we needed on hand to turn this into a fun, interactive read along.

I set it up during naptime, and let’s just say excited didn’t begin to describe Wee One when he woke up.

I used coffee grounds for the “mud”, and added all of our Schleich animals from the play barn.  Except the toad.  The only frog/toad I had was an Ikea finger puppet. Whatever works.

This was his favorite.  In fact, after this box, I put the book away for awhile, which Matty found this week.  He demanded asked for the toad before we could finish the story.

This was a great way to pass some time during a rainy afternoon (in which we apparently stayed in pajamas for).  And the coffee grounds made my entire house smell wonderful. Note to Self: Put out fun sensory box before guests come over; look like super-mom and have a fresh smelling house. 🙂

One Response to “Play Box: Little Blue Truck”

  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome April 9, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    What an awesome idea! We don’t have the book but are going to the library today so I’ll look for it. Thanks for sharing!

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