Snow Day

6 Mar

Finally got a proper snow day in Ohio.  Can’t believe it took until March for that to happen, but not complaining!

So of course we had to put the sickness, crankiness, and general winter blues aside and head outdoors.  Surprisingly, it was quite warm (relatively speaking), and we spent an hour and a half playing.

First, we snow-painted. Oh yes, you are not a modern mother until you make your kids snow paint (food coloring and water).

Then we tried sledding. Whee?

Then just some general running amok.

Even the cats needed to shake off their cabin fever.

And of course, no snow day is complete without a snowman.

NOTE: Don’t use raisinettes as eyes…they will be eaten.  Rookie Mom mistakes #1.

Ahem. Scratch that. Snow bunny.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors think I’m nuts. And I guess they’re probably right.

Eric was supposed to take off work today. He went in by 9:45. Matty was just short of devastated.  There may have been promises of Daddy taking him sledding. So I thought it was only fair that our snowbunny be built in the driveway, thus thwarting his ability to park in the garage unless he ran the poor thing over.

Let me preface by saying this seemed HILARIOUS after being outside. in the snow. with a toddler. for an hour. with freezing hands. sleep deprived. and sick. By the time Eric got home (LATE), I was just kinda like, “hey, how about that green snowbunny. Ha. Ha. Let’s got grab some dinner, yo.)

Apparently, the green snowbunny didn’t phase him…but he was really confused about why the lawn was green and blue.

3 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. ahealthyhappyhome March 7, 2013 at 2:33 pm #

    Haha! I love the snow bunny! Great idea to pain the snow! Looks like a very fun snow day!


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