“M” for Daddy!

5 Feb

So, I thought it was time that Matty begins recognizing letters and environmental print.  Naturally, we started with “M”.  I put M magnets on his magnetic board, put an M on his frame wall, and began writing his name on his coloring pages.  A few days later I began pointing them out and explained:


M for Matty! Yay!

M for Mommy!

M for milk!

M for monster!

M for meow!

M for moo!

M for map!

Matty: Daaaaaad!

Me: No, not for Daddy. M for Matty. M for Mommy!

Matty: No! Dada?

Me: D for Dad. Proceeds to draw a D. D for Dad! M for Matty. M for Mommy!

Matty: Points to M. M! Mmmm. Dad!

Well, 2 out of 3.  I figured he could name the letter and give the sound. Heck, that’s fantastic!

A few days later we were at TJ Maxx where Matty saw a large wooden M decor item.  He started jumping up and down squealing, ran over, and yelled, “M! MMMmmm!”

People stopped and stared.  I beamed with pride. That’s right, folks. Gather ’round.  Clap for my genius child.  Then he yelled:

M for Dada!

Shakes head in shame.  

At least he’s inclusive.  No Family Member Left Behind!

2 Responses to ““M” for Daddy!”

  1. ahealthyhappyhome February 5, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    So funny you posted this about focusing on a letter because I was just thinking I need to start doing a letter a week. We started using flashcards with the Love Nugget a few months back and now he recognizes and names most of them. As a former teacher, it makes me so proud!
    Thanks for linking up!


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    […] We get lots of books from the library, and Mommy even made me another book.  It’s titled M is Not for Daddy.  It’s an alphabet book, with a twist.  Be on the lookout for this obvious New York […]

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