Tales From the Crib: Month 16

28 Jan


Ah, sweet 16.  I’m unable to convince Mommy that this sweet 16 should also result in a driver’s license. Boo.

Fortunately, we’ve had some nice days this month, so I’ve been able to go outside to practice my driving skills.

Plus, we’ve had a few long morning walks around the neighborhood, and lots of general running amok.

Here, Mommy! Flowers!

I can climb up and go down all by myself!

Apparently, it’s still to cold for my old friend Mr. Hose.

Unfortunately, we had more cold days than warm days.

This was also SUPER DADDY MONTH!  I got to spend so much time with Daddy.  He’s pretty much my favorite guy.  He took two whole weeks off after Christmas so he could stay home and play with me.

So first, we coordinated outfits for Christmas.


Then, Santa even brought us both the same type of present! I got a tablet to play music and ball popper and books, and Daddy got an iPad.  Although, I think we all know that was mine too so that I can Facetime with Grandma.


We played PIRATES! Aaaaargh.

And destroyed my room…there were lots of British Captains to pillage.  I think I was Jack Sparrow and Daddy was Will Turner.

Then we did lots of MAN WORK!

We got breakfast together everyday.  Coffee for Daddy and YouTube videos of kittens for me.

We even knocked back a couple of drinks.

I’ve been trying to keep busy.  I started going to Tiny Tots.  It’s baby gymnastics.  I like doing flips and balance beams, but I LOVE just hanging out in the corner singing and dancing. I’m technically too young to be in the class, but I keep up just fine (except when we hop like bunnies or crawl like a bear–that’s just shenanigans).


P1040710 P1040712

Of course, the bestest thing about gymnastics is getting to drink out of the fountain! Mmmm.

Annnnnd….drumroll please.  I’m sleeping through the night consistently.  In my own bed!   In my own room!  I’m doing so good I even got to have my first sleepover with Grandma.  We read books, and danced, and ate giant candy bars.  Just kidding about that last part, Mom! (I told you I wouldn’t tell, Grandma!) And what did Mommy and Daddy do during their first kid-free night?  Oh, keep reading, it’s not racy…they painted. Doors. They painted doors.  They sure know how to bring down the house.  I’m doomed for a life of boredom.

I LOVE music and can sing along to a lot of songs.  I’m more of a scatter–Ella Fitzgerald is my homedog.  Bee bop doo doo dee la la.

I know lots of words, and use them in context. I’m getting pretty good about repeating everything I hear (and see), too. Good times.  Though Mommy and Daddy aren’t too happy about this.  I even know some phrases.  My favorite is “Mama, cook”.  I say “Where’d they go?” (I wish everybody would just hang out with me all day), “I don’t know”, and “Daddy go work” (he goes there like everyday).

I can also follow directions, and I do so willingly–I’m a nice boy, thankyouverymuch. Well, most of the time…

Mommy says I’m turning into such a “little man.”  Bring on the women and booze! What?  I told you I repeat everything I hear.  Blame Daddy.

2 Responses to “Tales From the Crib: Month 16”

  1. ahealthyhappyhome January 29, 2013 at 9:29 am #

    Wow, he’s getting to be such a big boy! It’s so crazy how much they grow and develop from 16 – 20 months. I feel like those 4 months flew by! Now we’re approaching 21 months and I’m realizing I need to start planning a birthday party soon! Holy cow time flies with little ones!

    • Ashley Niehaus January 29, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      Yes! I took Matty to a playdate with an 18 month old, and the differences were amazing. Just 6 weeks makes such a huge difference during this stage. Ooh, birthday party sounds fun!!

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