House Party: Kitchen

21 Jan

House Party

Words. There are no words.  So let’s look at pictures, shall we?



Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Such a happy, happy place now.  I think my retinas would have burned out had we left it alone–even the insides of the cabinets were painted bright orange.  Matty kinda looks frightened by it all…

Things Done

  • Sanded, primed, & painted cabinets and doors
  • Installed one new cabinet
  • New knobs, pulls, & hinges on cabinets
  • Removed carpet and padding (eew)
  • Installed flooring (Peruvian Rosewood from Build Direct)
  • New appliances (fridge, range, range hood, and dishwasher)
  • Replaced all outlets, light switches, and covers
  • Installed new electrical circuit
  • New countertops
  • New faucet
  • Two new light fixtures
  • Removed decorative trim from cabinets
  • Painted ceiling
  • Removed door separating Kitchen from Laundry Room
  • Removed laminate?! backsplash
  • Repaired wall from said laminate backsplash
  • Installed new penny tile backsplash
  • Craigslisted the old stove for $40!
  • Craigslisted the old dishwasher for $60!
  • Moved the  fridge to the garage…MAN FRIDGE (it’s full of beer and candy…)

It was a process…

Chipping away the backsplash piece by piece, and removing phone lines running  through the cabinets

We had to put all the demo somewhere–then pay for a special garbage pick-up

See the cabinet to the left of the stove?  When we moved in, this was in the garage.  We didn’t know why…when we moved it back, it didn’t fit.  You can’t quite see it here, but it hung into the doorway about an inch.  The original stove was the same size…so…right.  We don’t really know what went down with this cabinet.  And the range hood is some odd size.  So maybe it wasn’t the original stove.  But we have paperwork and receipts dated for a stove from 1963. I. just. don’t. know.

So we had to buy a new cabinet.  Thankfully, a stock cabinet fit perfectly.

BEST PICTURE YET! We measured the dimensions for a new fridge, except for height. Ha! So after it was delivered, we realized it wouldn’t fit unless we removed the upper cabinet, which was crazy-affixed to the other cabinets.

We actually got a cash-back allowance for kitchen upgrades, so we tried to make the most cost-effective choices we could.  Originally, we were going to get new cabinets, but when we realized we would pretty much keep the same layout (and realized these were some sturdy, well-made cabinets), it made more since just to paint them.  Then we were going to just get new doors so we could do a more updated design and hidden hinges, but it would have taken 2-3 months to get them, so it just made since to save time and money.  We definitely realized this isn’t our forever home, so we made choices we could live with for a few years until we hopefully (fingers-crossed, prayers to heaven!) get relocated back to Cinci (or somewhere with a beach–I could do that.)

To Do

  • Patch the walls
  • Paint the walls (still determining color vs. all-white)
  • Grout the backsplash (yes, it’s been up since March)
  • T molding on the floor
  • Baseboard molding along the bottoms of the cabinets
  • DIY window treatment
  • Fix the sawed-out cabinet above the fridge
  • Lighting…we have 4 different light fixtures in a 10′ x 13′ space.  And if you count the adjoining Family Room, we have 6 different types of light fixtures in a 10′ x 37′ space.  It’s very chaotic.
  • Pulls on the new cabinet

So. That wraps up the House Party. Blast, wasn’t it?  If nothing else it got the Hubs to get his butt in gear and tackle some much-needed projects.  Although it may have worked too well since he’s talking about cutting down trees and making pavers for a patio…

One Response to “House Party: Kitchen”

  1. Erika January 21, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    The “before” could definitely hurt someones eye! Looks clean and cozy now.

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