House Party: Living Room

19 Jan

House Party

We always knew this room was going to be the hardest in terms of layout.  Three out of four walls have some sort of obstruction–a huge window, or entry.  It’s also really, really long, which makes furniture arrangement difficult.  We’ve moved the furniture around at least 5 times.  For the most part, this is the “play room” so there’s usually toys and  books galore.  It’s weird, this room is “done”, yet still needs something, but we’re not sure what yet. Ha.



Things Done

  • Removed half-wall railing
  • Painted half-wall
  • Removed wallpaper
  • Painted ceiling
  • Painted walls (TWICE!–the first color was not so good. This is Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore.)
  • Removed chair railing (it was only on one wall)
  • Painted window sill
  • Replaced thermostat
  • Replaced outlets and covers
  • Removed non-removable hutch from media cabinet. Yeah…

To Do

  • Carpet cleaned. Oh, it’s so, so bad.  Between a year of renos and a  year of toddler/baby, the white carpet did not survive.
  • Paint floor vents
  • We might do crown molding
  • Molding around entry to kitchen
  • Lighting–there’s no built-in lighting.
  • I have a plan to “jazz up” the half wall…
  • Hang wall art
  • Figure out what to do on with the “blank wall”. Ideally some sort of play space or toy storage.

The window is possibly the best part of the house., coming from an apartment with no natural light.  Matty spends most of his day looking out.  Yes, we do have cars and dog-walkers stop and make faces at him.

We’re so dedicated to getting this room done that we spent New Year’s Eve in working on it.

We removed the chair railing, only to find more (and different!) wallpaper!

He’ll have his own show on HGTV soon!

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