House Party: Master Bedroom

14 Jan

House Party

The bedroom was one of the first places we wanted to get down. You know, so we could get a good night’s sleep in the middle of renovations. Ha! hahahahaha. But we did get this room done first.



Yes! Yes. I know.  So. Much. Better.

We were originally concerned our King sized bed wouldn’t fit, but there’s plenty of room.  In our old apartment, we actually had one nightstand turned sideways with everything pushedtogetherthistight to make it fit.  I had to sit on the bed in order to open the closet doors to get my clothes.  Any more questions about why I hated that place? And…get ready to cringe…

Ignore the duvet.  We’re on a 5 year quest to find one we like.  Our newest purchase was about 6 months ago, and you can tell from the “after” picture that we didn’t like that one either. On a happy note, we did DIY the headboard!

Anyway, back to the house. The rest of the room…

These are Billy bookcases from IKEA that we’ve had since the apartment. Yes, they hold all of my shoes.  Yes, the Hubs came up with this solution (and bought more shoes to fill it up).  Sorry, he’s taken, ladies!

We removed the closet doors.  The closet is actually fairly large–9 ft across, but the doors made about 2-3 feet in the middle impossible to access.  Oh, and ignore the brown door–we actually got all the doors painted two weeks ago!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited. It feels so good to have that done.  Matty actually claimed the mirror for his room, but I’d like to get a chunkier version, like this.

Things Done

  • Installed flooring (Peruvian Rosewood laminate from Build Direct)
  • Painted floor vents
  • Painted walls (Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore colormatched to Olympic No-Voc)
  • Painted trim
  • Painted doors
  • New hinges and doorknobs on doors
  • Replaced ceiling fan
  • Caulked around windows
  • Replaced closet shelving with custom shelves
  • Removed closet doors
  • Removed blinds/replaced with woven blinds (this was harder than it seems)
  • Replaced all outlets, outlet covers, light switches, and light switch covers

And as proof of the Hubs’ manliness…

Hubby and two of our friends knocked out two bedrooms of flooring in just a weekend.  They’re pretty much the greatest guys ever.  Yes, sorry, they’re both taken, too. 🙂


  • T-Molding nailed down for flooring <–do you hear me, Hubby?  Needs. Done. In. Every. Room.  Matthew carries it around like a sword.
  • Cables for TV hidden.
  • Duvet (it’s a process, people. A 6 year process…)
  • Move Matty to own bed–remove bed rail. AWESOME SAUCE to have completed that recently…
  • New bedside lampshades?
  • Pictures/decor?

Any duvet suggestions?  I may give a prize (and no, it’s not a cat)!

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