House Party: Curb Appeal

13 Jan

House Party

Outside spaces definitely weren’t the first projects that we tackled, but they may have been the most back-breaking.  And where we feel we got the least bang for our buck (literally and metaphorically).

Here’s the outside when we bought:


And here it is as of Friday…

OH WOW, RIGHT! <–sarcasm But here’s a list of the things we’ve done:

Things Done

  • Painted the mailbox
  • Moved the house numbers (they were hard to see from the street)
  • Removed outdoor carpet on stoop (piece. by. piece. ugh.)
  • Trimmed 14 bushes (before deciding to get rid of some)
  • Removed 7 bushes (including roots)
  • Dealt with Killer Bush From Hell (think wasps, flies, & bees in killer amounts that took over the whole yard)
  • Mulched
  • Planted annuals
  • Planted two shrubs, an azalea, and a hydrangea
  • Added solar lights
  • Added soaker hoses
  • Planted a garden
  • Limbed up three trees
  • Raked at least 500 pinecones
  • Painted 5 sets of shutters
  • Assembled a swing set
  • Moved some brick (built a firepit which was then mowed over by the neighborhood kid who mowed our grass)
  • Painted the lamppost
  • Weeded. Think 2 garbage bags full from a 10 sq. ft. area…
  • Arranged lawn furniture
Front Door Spruce


Lovely, lovely lawn furniture.  Perfect for passing out sleep deprived naps.

One bush down, 14 to go!


The backyard is still a hot mess.

So we still have some stuff to get done.


  • Fence in the backyard
  • Patio in the backyard
  • Limb up the pine tree (eventually we’d like to get this cut down)
  • Remove 4 more bushes
  • Remove said Killer Bush From Hell
  • Put in a raised garden
  • Get a rain barrel
  • Finish painting shutters (yes, we ran out of paint and didn’t get one set done <– keeping it classy)
  • Plant more perennials throughout the entire yard
  • Install planter bed on corner
  • Install planter bed around lightpost
  • Replace light fixtures by front door
  • Put in a natural playspace for Matty
  • Build a lattice box around the air conditioner
  • Install a shed in the backyard
  • New screen door for the front door
  • Irrigate and reseed the lawn

The backyard space is the next on the list. We’re hoping to have a fence and patio done before the start of Summer…anybody volunteering for Matty duty?!

Hop on over to Pinterest for some outdoor eye candy.

outdoor spaces

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