House Party!

12 Jan

House Party

Has it really only been a year since we closed on our first house? Yes. Yes it has.  Why does it feel like so much longer?

When we found out we were pregnant, we immediately started looking at houses.  We knew the raggedy 800 sq. ft apartment (that was crammed with oversize furniture because we were supposed to only be there 6 months, so we bought “house-size furniture”…) would never work.  Unfortunately, there was nothing to buy. Seriously.  Not one thing we even remotely liked.  So when my nesting instinct kicked in, I became sure I could make the apartment work.  I became the master of small-space organization.

Our spare bedroom went from this…

To this…

And it was fine. Until Matthew was born.  There was no natural light. There was no garage or covered parking. The scariest moment of my life was the first time I had to lug a 30 lb. carseat from the car…on ice…on an incline. The lack of kitchen counter space was unbearable (5 ft. linear space total–broken up over 3 spaces…). There was no dishwasher.  This was actually the catalyst to all fights we’ve ever had. This all led to us both screaming, “BUY NOW OR WE’RE GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER!”.


We were ready to put an offer in on one, and it sold. Literally as we were writing the offer they called to say it sold.  Whop Whop.  So on a whim, we decided to look at one a few houses down (that we originally didn’t like because the curb appeal was lacking), and we put our offer in on the spot (contingent to home inspection, of course).  Ironically, we ended up buying on the same street we almost bought on when we first moved here 5 years ago (but didn’t because of many weird quirks–one of which was that all the kid’s bedrooms only had locks on the outside of the door…which I kinda understand now…jk!…kind of).

Most of the house hadn’t been updated since 1961.  What was updated was probably done in the 80’s.  I’m talking orange cabinets. Orange countertops. Orange wallpaper. Orange carpet.  The bathroom had 4 different patterns of wallpaper (it was “updated”).  And we still have a 220 volt outlet in the Family Room that we have no idea what it was used for.

I’d like to say what drew us most to the house was that it was an “outlet for our DIY spirit”, or “the incredible views”, or even “the great storage”(Okay, that’s true–AWESOME storgage), but nope, it was the price.  We got a great deal, with allowances for upgrades, so we were able to jump right in with projects.  Well, aside from work, nursing a baby non-stop, and dealing with sleep-deprivation.  Remodeling a whole house is totally do-able with a 3 month old and no family/babysitters within 2 hours, right? I apologize to all of our friends and family that came to help out who had to see my boobs while I walked  around “supervising” with a baby strapped to my chest or rocking in the Living Room for hours on end…

Some days I feel like we haven’t gotten anything done to make this house feel more like home (there’s still no pictures on the walls), but when thinking about all we’ve accomplished in just a year…WOW!  So, in order to make me feel better about accomplishments, organize my thoughts about what needs to get done next, and to update those who may have helped with some of the earlier stages of house development but haven’t been back in awhile, I present: House Party!

So this week, I’ll be posting our updates, room-by-room, along with upcoming to-do’s, and our inspiration pics. Get ready to be WOWED! Just kidding…be ready to be all like, “why is no room completely done?” and “why is that backsplash still not grouted?”

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