Countdown to Christmas: Day 2

2 Dec

It was a baaad night.  I pee-peed in the big bed.  So Mommy was more than happy to shove me out of bed this morning with prompting of “go find Klaus Elf.”  He apparently stayed up all night snacking on all my favorite snacks and playing racecar games…much like Daddy!


This is shenanigans! Elf is allowed to have Gatorade, but I’m not.  Screw you, Elf. Screw you.


I didn’t get the memo about not touching Klaus, so I decided to share my toys…


Oh, I’m so funny.

I also got to open a new book.  It’s a slide and find book.  I like those.




No one cares about your faces anyway, guys.

One Response to “Countdown to Christmas: Day 2”

  1. Giselle Schroer December 3, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    Oh no! Pee pee in the bed! Love the family pic!

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