Tales From the Crib: Month 14

21 Nov

Ok. I’ve got 5 minutes to write this before we get in the car to go to Thanksgiving (I don’t know where exactly Thanksgiving is on the map, but I think it’s close to Grandma’s house).  Grandma! Grandma! Do you see me yet?  Call Daddy and tell him to drive faster.

All About Me Update

  • 4 molars. In 4 weeks.  It’s like the zombie apocalypse over here.
  • Signing “more”, “eat”, “drink”, “all done”, “milk”, and “dance”.  Now we’re working on more specific things like “diaper”, “potty”, and various foods.
  • Haven’t been measured in awhile, but pretty sure I’ve grown.  All of the sudden, I’m hitting my head on things that I could previously fit under.
  • Love to chit-chat non-stop.  Not sure if anybody understands everything that comes out of my mouth, but they pretend they do.
  • Can do all the motions to Itsy-Bitsy Spider, 5 Little Monkeys, and If You’re Happy and You Know It

  • CLIMBING! On everything.  Smart enough to move boxes and furniture to use as a climber to get to something higher
  • Like light switches. LOVE turning on and off the lights.
  • Read books by myself.  Love to turn the pages.  Apparently Mommy has been holding out on me–she’s got tubs and tubs of books in the attic.  She got some new ones down and I love Where’s My Cat and the Biscuit books.
  • OMG! Did you know you can have pizza delivered to your house?!  Pizza! Mommy told me to go to the door to see the pizza man…it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I imagined, but he brought a HUGE pizza. So cool. Favoritist food ever!

Ok, running out of time.  How about a plethora of pictures?

I got to go Trick-or-Treating AGAIN.  At Aunt Amy’s new house.  It was too cold, but I got to see Grandma.

Then Uncle David attacked me with a flame thrower.  (Ok, ok. I may have tripped over my own two feet.)

I also got to go to a baby shower!  Aunt Kristin used her Mommy Powers to peer pressure Mommy into giving me some chocolate cupcake.

We took 2 kitties to the shower to give to Miss Ami.  They’re going to live at her house now.  They were best friends, so we couldn’t separate them.

We kept one.  It’s VERY happy now.

And of course, we kept Mommy Kitty.  We’re partners in crime.

I learned that phones are for more than chewing on.  I like to talk to Grandma for hours!

Don’t mind the boxes.  We were putting up Christmas decorations and doing a project.

Daddy’s projects always take a turn for the worse before they get done…

We did finally get both cars in the garage.  Only took 9 months…

Speaking of projects, we really need to finish the bathroom.  I’m sick of bathing in the pink tub.  The balls and bubbles are fun, though.

Okay, off to Thanksgiving! Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…Grandma! Grandma, I’m coming!  Get the toys ready! Grandmaaaaaaaa!

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