Christmas Wish List: Nummer Zwei

20 Nov

So, we got a call from Grandma Santa.  Apparently, Eric and I ended up on the “nice” list this year, too.  Amazing, considering we have a high needs, rambunctious toddler in tow.  So we were instructed to put a list together. . . Um, we actually struggled.  Like, hard.  Apparently we’re both very satisfied with life and want for nothing (except sleep, SLEEEEEEEEP).  Awww, cue the collective groans.

Gift Ideas for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

1. Kangaroo Front-Mount Bike Seat Eric’s been dying to take Matty for bike rides.

2. Weights  Ummm, apparently carrying a 26 lb. kid isn’t enough (or maybe he doesn’t do enough of it, hmmm).  Eric has requested 30 lb. weights.  I worry about him…

3. Bike Yes, I see the funny in a 27 year old man asking Santa for a bike for Christmas. However, I couldn’t get him to pinpoint the exact bike he wants (and knowing Eric, it’s expensive), so maybe a giftcard towards his bike purchase.

4. Tools A “Super Duper Drill” and a Compound Miter Saw to be specific.  Thankfully we have well stocked family and friends who let us borrow tools, but I think Eric is developing tool-envy.  I don’t know the specifics on the “Super Duper Drill” (his words, not mine), so a Lowes giftcard might be the answer.

Obviously, his list has been outsourced (that’s what wives are for, right?…).  So, if you have any questions, call him.  He probably won’t answer any of his three phones. Or respond to voicemail.  So try any two of his email addresses.  He probably won’t reply.  Um, so just call me.  I’ll beat it out of him.

Gift Ideas for Her

1. Kindle Books (giftcard)  I LOVE my Kindle.  I’ve been able to read close to 40 books this year thanks to that thing.  I’ve been choosing from the free and $1.99 books, but there’s a lot of new releases that I’d like to read this upcoming year.

2. Fabric A yard of this specific fabric will work for some DIY kitchen curtains.

3.  Lowes Giftcard Our My next project is the entryway/hallway, and I’d like to replace the light.  Lowes has a few options that I like.

4. Stand Mixer Apparently EVERYONE has one.  I’m coming across recipes that specifically state, “put the flour in your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer”.  What if I don’t have one?  Can I still bake these pumpkin muffins?!

5. Socks/Giftcard I don’t know what happens over the Summer, but every Fall I open up my sock drawer, and bam!, they’re all gone.  Every Winter I buy all new socks…I give up.  I also need to supplement my wardrobe–I spent all Summer shopping sales making sure Matty had Winter play clothes, and completely forgot about myself.  Now I’m outside freezing my bum-bum off while he’s nice and toasty (and therefore not coming in to give me a reprieve anytime soon). I can always find something at Old Navy, Gap, or BR.

6.  Young House Love Book I’m not reading many printed books anymore, but I think a decorating book is something that has to be read in print.

So, thanks in advance, Santa!  I didn’t think you’d be able to gift sleep, but Matty has been napping for 2.5 hours (instead of his usual 40 minutes) as I type this, so maybe you DO exist!  I believe, I believe…

P.S. Is it too much to ask that you move longer stretches of sleep to say, midnight-6am?  K.Thanks.

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