Christmas Wish List

18 Nov

Dear Santa,

I hear you’re the man to speak to this time of year.  I hear you run this toy operation where you pay workers in cookies. (If you have any job openings, I’d love to apply.  You can find my resume on  I’m sure you’ll see I’m highly qualified.)  I also hear you have this “Naughty and Nice” list.  There’s no doubt in my mind under which column you’ll find my name.  I’m the nicest boy you’ll ever meet. I mean, c’mon.  I’ve taken in no fewer than six stray animals this year.  I know you’re a busy guy.  I’ve been to Toys R’ Us on a Friday night–I know how many kids are in this world.  So, to save you some time, I put together a list (picturized and categorized for your viewing pleasure!) of some things you can toss in your sack for me this year.

Christmas Gifts for Young Toddlers

Pretend Play

1. Play Silks

2. Wooden Play Vegetable Set

3. Realistic Shopping Cart

4. Schleich Animal Figures

5. Wooden Play Salad Set

I already have a play kitchen and some play food, but it’s lacking in the vegetable department.  And Mommy says that I’d be allowed to take my grocery cart to to the store with us, and I like the no-tip feature on this one.  The play silks are so versatile, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop pulling all of Mommy’s clothes out of the closet to wear on my head.  Wait, that doesn’t put me on the naughty list does it? Does it?

Build and Think

1. Geometric Shape Sorter Puzzle

2. Magna Tiles

3. Nesting Blocks

4. Lacing Beads

I’m getting really good at stacking, so I need something a bit more challenging, like puzzles and stacking together, or high stacking, or lacing.

Energy Busters

1. Balance Board

2. Bilibo

3. Hop Around Steps

Oh, man.  Winter is so hard.  I’ll try to be good, Santa. Really I will.  But I have LOTS of energy to burn, so maybe something from this category will help me not to do anything naughty.

Read and Create

1. Musical Piano Puzzle

2. Teepee

3. Baby Lit Books

4. Little Bee

5. Baby Bug Magazine

6. Magna Doodle

7. Travel Aqua Doodle

Ok, I don’t actually want this EXACT teepee, but something like it.  Do you DIY, Santa?  If so, you can check out this tutorial and build me one.  It’s going to go in my reading nook.

See and Do

1. Entertrainment Junction

2. Travel Tray

3. Cincinnati Museum Center

4. Kindermusik Class

5. The Beach Waterpark

6. Cincinnati Zoo

7. Kings Island

I like to spend time with my Mommy and Daddy and go places, but Santa, maybe you can arrange for me to meet up with other family members and they can take me places?  That’s sounds so fun.  I really like water, so I’d like to check out The Beach (it’s reopening 2013) or Kings Island this Summer.  Maybe I can get tickets to go run and play around town?  And a travel tray for my carseat would be nice–spending time in the car going places isn’t the funnest thing ever.

Also, Daddy told me to tell you he’s been really good this year, too, so we all need a vacation.  Can you put a cruise ship in that magical bag of yours?

Welp, Santa.  I hope this takes a slight burden of your already aching back (perhaps shedding a few pounds would help with your obviously-present sciatica).  I’ll also leave you some healthy black bean brownies and strawberries this year instead of cookies, you know, because I’m so nice like that.

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