Books and Songs and Snacks, Oh My

14 Nov

Come on, Mom! It’s library time!

A few months ago, I finally was able to register Matty for storytime at the library.  The library in Lima only offers storytime 2 or 3 times per year, for 6 weeks.  A few parents in swim class mentioned how difficult it is to get your kid registered because it fills up quickly.  So when registration opened, we went in early in the morning and there were already about 15 people signed up. Definitely surprising–I’m used to libraries that have a set time each week year round.  But I have to give them 5 stars on their program–it was excellent!

Each week’s focus was on a different letter.  All activities and books coordinated.  They got stickers (big hit), listened to 3 or 4 stories, sang some songs, did a craft (one week the kids got to personalize their own cup), and there was even a coordinating snack.

A for Apple Slices!

I think Matty’s favorite was Munchie Mix for “M”.  He doesn’t eat Cheerios at home, but toss it in a paper bag and he’s all for it.

I could have done without the giant cookie for “C” and all the free McDonald’s coupons.  But they also had a partnership with Applebee’s so we got a lot of free kids meals and we eat there so that was a nice perk.

He liked the stories.  Notice the other children sitting…not my child.  He had to stand the whole time. Whatever, kid.

He loved the songs.  I think we’re going to have to sign him up for Kindermusik this Winter.

Each week was finished off with activities–crafts, or music instruments, or parachute!

OH MY GOD, doesn’t he look so big here? 😦

I’m guessing his absolute favorite, though, were the cushions.

He would go around picking them all up (even if some poor unsuspecting kids were already sitting on them), then redistribute them. Every so often he would stop to play peek-a-boo with other Moms or blow kisses. I was that Mom in the corner shaking my head wondering if I should let him be or if the other parents were actually enjoying his hijinks as much as they seemed to be.  He was the youngest in the group by about 7 months, so I was just happy we didn’t have any meltdowns.

Of course, no visit to the library is complete without a stop at the puzzle table.

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