Thanksgiving Books

13 Nov

It’s very difficult to find Thanksgiving books. Or should I say it’s very difficult to find quality Thanksgiving books.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to raise a book snob over here, but most Thanksgiving books are just grossly inaccurate or written to inform, making them better for older children.  But after going through my stash, I was able to pull out a few books that will help us get into the modern spirit of Thanksgiving (food, thanks, family, turkeys, did I mention food?).  And I’m calling it now…in 5 years there will be books about Black Friday and all kids of this generation will grow up believing midnight shopping is a mandatory part of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Books for Young Toddlers

5 Silly Turkeys

Thanksgiving 5 Silly Turkeys

I have this as a board book that has crinkly feathers on each page–might be something to look for.

10 Fat Turkeys

Thanksgiving 10 Fat Turkeys

The Thankful Book

Cranberry Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving

I was going to post reading tips and put together a little Thanksgiving reading nook.  But I’m totally over Thanksgiving this year. And by over Thanksgiving I mean 99% done with Christmas shopping, putting up outside lights this weekend, and the Hubs has been rocking out to Christmas music this week.  Even Matty is getting into the spirit of things…

Why, yes, that is an elf sippy cup.  He picked it out while shopping for Christmas lights.  It’s pretty much his favorite thing right now–it even takes a bath with him…

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