Snow? In October?

30 Oct

Dear Distant Family Members,

I know some of you live in Florida.  I just know you’d love to have the pitter-patter of little feet running through your homes again. I’m referring to myself if you didn’t quite get the innuendo.  I only pee on the floor sometimes.  And I can bring cute kitties for your enjoyment as well.

You see, I’m in need of assistance because I woke up to this:

No, that’s not Edward Cullen sneaking out at the wee hours of the morning (Mommy wishes!).  It’s just Daddy. Great men drive Volvos.

Seemed like fun…until I slid down the driveway.

Do you know how COLD this crapt is?  Of course you do.  That’s why you bail every Winter.

Mommy tried to make it fun.  But crashing waves? Palm trees? Warm sand?  No comparison.

P.S. Grandma–if no one replies to my request for temporary assylum, I’m going to need you to mail me a plane ticket.  Someplace tropical.  I’m not too picky. (All you can eat buffet would be nice!)  I know you know how the mail works–I got your card today.  Thanks for the monies–I think that will get me a cab to the airport.

Much Love,

Frosty the Snow Toddler

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