Weekly Meal Planner

29 Oct

Weekly Meal Planner Shopping List Free Download

Back during L.B.B. (Life Before Baby), I saw many, many, many people tout the greatness of meal planners.  I could see the benefit, but I didn’t really get it until now, when I’m trying to grocery shop (so exhausting) and cook a meal (so messy) with toddler.  I’ve tried a variety of different meal planners from Pinterest or around the blogosphere, but I couldn’t find one that worked for me.  I thought this one would do the trick because I LOVED the idea of an attached shopping list, but it just didn’t work.  And I finally realized why–I need to plan lunches, and sometimes breakfast, too.

We like to eat-in breakfast on the weekends, so I needed to make sure that I had supplies on hand for that (the world will end if the Hubs doesn’t get his bacon!).  And with the wee one eating more and more actual meals, I needed to make sure I had more nutritious lunches thought out. Granted, I don’t always write out every breakfast, but if I want to try a special recipe or we’re going to have leftovers to use in a breakfast or lunch, I want to write that down so I don’t forget (Mommy brain!).

So alas.  Here’s my contribution to the Meal Planner bombardment for any other Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Planners like myself.

Weeky Meal Plan

(click up there, yo)

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