Trick or Treat

25 Oct

We prepared with a little pumpkin decorating.

Foam stickers for the wee one.

Carving for Hubby.

And of course, for the wee one who wanted to be just like Daddy. (Fear not, it’s a butter knife.)

And a quick sharpie job for me. (Does that sound dirty? Sorry.)

He’s either growing a beard or he smeared black beans all over his face. Maybe both? Ignore the weeds and half-dead mums.  A green thumb, I have not. OH, and yes, after some hard practice and dedication, he has mastered stepping down.

He watched me blow out the candle.  Now every time we go outside he has to take the top off and blow into the pumpkin…

The next day was Trick or Treat, and it also happened to be 77 degrees.  So much for a costume that involved knit hats, heavy jackets, and boots.  We started off with the Red Baron, but then decided to go with Eddie Rickenbacker.  You know, WWI American flying ace, vintage racecar driving, and owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Obviously a person every one knows…

His Grandma made the hat and scarf, and I hope to get a lot of use out of it all Winter. No reason not to dress up year-round.

We had this car on his Christmas list last year, and in exasperation of trying to finalize a costume at midnight a few weeks back, we bought a very similar one from Amazon. The price has gone up quite a bit since we bought it, though. Wow. What did people do before online shopping? Seriously.

We just tugged it along as we chased after Matty.

I think kids were born with the innate ability to Trick-or-Treat.  We didn’t do any special talks about the event, or even mention it, yet he was jacked-up all day.  Wouldn’t nap, wouldn’t eat, just happy and giddy.  When we went outside to start Trick-or-Treat, he ran to the neighbor’s house before we could even close the door.  I’m pretty sure he photobombed the pictures of their kids in costume.

He walked ran about 2/3 of the way around our block, then I carried him a few houses.  Not because he was tired, but because those houses weren’t participating.  He didn’t understand that.  He went to their porch anyway.  At two houses he stole a rock.

Our last stop (on our own block) was the house next to ours which he thinks is his personal playground.  He constantly tries to go up their driveway, so I think he was super-stoked to finally be allowed to do so.  Maybe he has “little old lady radar” because that’s who lives there.  He even blew her kisses. And plopped down in the driveway refusing to leave.

I was prepared for meltdowns stemming from wanting to eat the candy right away. I packed a baggie of “healthy candy” in the bag so I could pull it out pretending it was what he just got.  No worries.  His goal seemed to be to amass as many items in the bag as possible.

We anticipated taking him out for 15 minutes or so…after 40 minutes we called it quits and drove to visit a few neighborhood friends.  Matty did a bit more Trick-or-Treating around their houses, and helped pass out candy at one.  He even got to eat a few M&M’s and a bite of Twix bar on the way home for being such a good sport.

We did have time to pass out our goodies–no candy here!  We passed out those sticky hands and foam airplanes.  Boo-yah.  Matty also took off down the street for another lap of Trick-or-Treating.  He pretty much passed out when he got home, which left plenty of time for the hubs and I to eat all the candy and watch Big Bang Theory.  Who says having kids doesn’t pay off? 🙂

And I couldn’t resist a little last year comparison.  Apparently we’re doing a crochet hat theme each year?

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    Hello, I just stopped by to visit your blog and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.


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