Speedy-Quick Halloween Craft

23 Oct

Yes, that’s a Junie B. Jones reference in the title.  Probably because the last time I dressed up for Halloween I was Junie B.  Don’t worry, I was teaching 1st Grade at the time, so no one laughed at me.

Anywho.  Do you ever have those days where you plan awesome activities for your kids and they sit down, craft, follow the directions, and enjoy them? Me neither. To be fair, Matty is only 13 months old, but I thought I chose an activity that was developmentally appropriate.

Thumbprint Halloween Art





My plan was to create thumbprint pumpkin, cut them out with a circle punch, and hang them on the Halloween tree.

He was NOT interested in any part of this. So I got one fingerprint. One.  What’s a mom to do? Think on her feet. And enlist the help of her husband.  We all contributed a thumbprint, and now we have a nice little family pumpkin patch.

I already had the paper and frame, so this came in at a nice little under 5 minute, $0 memento that I’ll enjoy for years.

(And ignore the horribly dirty frames–someone didn’t want to do the craft, but he likes to carry and kiss the pumpkins in the frame.  And the picture of himself.  We’re a bit narcissistic over here…)

One Response to “Speedy-Quick Halloween Craft”

  1. Lawerence Slape November 15, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    I didnt seek this, but I enjoyed this, found it entertaining! Keep up the awesome work!

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