Tales From the Crib: 13 Months

20 Oct

Heeeeey, Everybody! It’s me again.  It’s been a whole month since my birthday party, so I thought I’d drop in with a quick update.

Let’s talk about teeth.  Teeth are fun for chewing, ripping the lids off of containers, and playing vampire.  Teeth are not fun to grow.  In the past few months, I’ve only grown one more tooth (for a total of 9).  It’s a molar.  Whhhhy exactly did my biology think I needed one random molar?

Anyway, I think the other eleven teeth are about to pop in all at once.  Or at least that’s what it feels like when I’m waking up screaming every 45 minutes every night.  Daddy escaped to the spare bedroom faster than David Blaine in a straight-jacket.  Mommy is sticking it out in the big bed and loving me like the Godly woman she is.  She shall be rewarded by Santa at Christmas, I’m sure.

I was doing so much better on my sleep before my gums decided to rip themselves open.  I realized that Mommy and Daddy are so much happier, aka better parental units, when they get some baby-free time.  What they do during that time, I’ve yet to figure out.  Probably brush up on parenting skills or put together new surprise toys for me.  So, one day I just decided to go to bed around 7:30 and have done so for about a month.  Staying up until 11:00 during Summer was necessary, but it’s cold now, so I’ll just go cuddle in the big bed–THANKS FOR THE NEW FLEECE SHEETS, MOMMY!

I also cut down to one nap per day for about 1-2.5 hours depending on how much I want to keep Mommy guessing how tired I am. The weather is getting super-yucky, but I’ve still managed to get my outside time in.  I’ve played outside for at least an hour every day since April.  I really like sliding, swinging, stepping, playing lawnmower, riding in the stroller, hunting for rocks, smelling flowers, picking dandelions, or just walking around the block.

Ooh, and I really like waffles.  Mostly I like to put the waffles in the toaster oven and push the buttons, but I eat them, too.  Peanut butter is pretty good, too, but only if you eat it like it was meant to be eaten–with your hands.

Apparently, the more food I eat, the less I get to nurse.  So, I’ve limited my food consumption to no more than 4 bites per meal so that I can justify nursing 4,742 times per day. Just kidding! One day I didn’t nurse at all.  Not my fault it just happened to be the day Mommy and Daddy had date night and Mommy walked around all night with itchy, leaky boobs.  That’s what you get for leaving me behind. (And dancing on tables. And drinking 2 liters of beer–I’m talking to you, Daddy!)

It was Daddy’s birthday, so I stayed with Grandma while Mommy & Daddy went to Hofbrauhaus and on a Queen City Underground Tour.  Me and Mommy also made his favorite cupcakes.  Just like last year.

Aside from my obvious above-average writing skills, my verbal skills are developing quite well, too.  I’ve added “that” (dat), “yeah” (yah), Grandma (Nahnahnahma), and “dip, dip dip” to my repertoire.

Reading is still my favorite activity (besides going outside), but I really love music, too.  Mommy plays music all day and I boogie. Dance, I dance. Not to be confused with boogie (booger). Though I guess I do that too.

My favorite toys are those that require thought and engineering.  I like puzzles. And I really love my shape stacker.  It holds my attention for like a whole 10 minutes at a time (which is a lot, yo).  Thanks again, Ms. Kim! I also used some of my money to buy a train table/activity table that we filled with all kinds of blocks (Thanks Mimi and Pawpaw).  I can stack 3 high all by myself!

If you’re interested in more pictures of me, you can check out the links in the right sidebar.  Mommy can automatically upload pictures to Flickr, so you can keep up with me in real-time.  We’ve also gone legit and are making advertising monies around here, so click on a bunch of links and buy stuff.  I need to pad my college fund.  I think a large portion of it is going to replace the carpet in the Living Room–I may or may not have had a serious potty incident on the carpet this week. 

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