Surprise, It’s a…?

1 Oct

It’s Triplets!  Yay! Triplets.

We have 3 new baby kitties.  Wait…what did you think?  Oh, you thought Mommy was having another baby? Psh. There’s no more room in the big bed. Sorry. No vacancies in the Inn.

There’s 2 black ones and 1 black and white striped.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t help us determine paternity–we believe Kitty was a bit promiscuous….

Let’s recap how this happened, shall we?

1. Read this to find out how babies are made.

2. Tuesday night, Mommy went to church.  Me and Daddy sneaked  Kitty in. Kitty somehow magically got in the house.

3. Wednesday morning, we all wake up.  Kitty meows and runs out of the bedroom.  Mommy yells at Daddy.  Mommy also notices Kitty doesn’t look “mit Baby” anymore.

4. Mommy puts Kitty outside. Then Mommy goes to work all day.

5. Mommy comes home to find Kitty Fricking. The. Frick. Out.  However, Kitty looked kind of pregnant, so Mommy thought Kitty wanted in the house to have the babies.

6. Mommy puts me down for a nap (in the big bed-bwahaha) and swears she hear “mew, mew, mew.”  Believes she’s going insane (quite possible!).

7. Kitty begins jumping face-first into the window.  Kitty jumps on my back when I’m outside playing.  Mommy says a bad word because she realizes what happened…

8. Mommy lets Kitty in and tries to track her.  Kitty runs too fast.  We spend half an hour searching the house. No Kitty.

9. Mommy changes clothes for dinner. Kitty hisses at Mommy when she reaches in her closet for a shirt.

10.  Mommy yells for Daddy.  Mommy and Daddy stare at the closet for 30 minutes trying to muster the courage to move the tub of maternity clothes and see the damage behind it…

11. It’s official! Kitty birthed her babies on top of Mommy’s formal dresses! Mommy cries.  Mommy says bad words.  Mommy threatens murder.

12. Daddy gets excited for babies.  Mommy threatens murder against Daddy.

13. Mommy gets oven mitts and prepares to move Kitty and babies.  Kitty is totally non-violent and goes without protest.

14.  Kitty and babies are now living in the sunroom. In a cardboard box.  Wow, Mom.  Real high-class.

15. Mommy tells the neighbor’s kids that Kitty had her babies.  Tells them how cute they are and they should totally talk to their Mom to see if they can have them. Hahaha.

16. Daddy spends evening cleaning cat birth out of dresses.  All but one was saved. Go, Tide!

Don’t worry. Me and Kitty are still BFF’s. She lets me peek in the box (I know not to touch!).  We still play our favorite game–Kibble Hide & Seek.  I scatter hide Kitty’s food all over the floor, and Kitty finds it and eats it.  So fun!

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