Happy Birthday, Lovebug

18 Sep

Dear Matthew,

Happy Birthday, little one.  We are so proud of you. So proud.  Not just for the things that you do, but for who you are.  You are so aware of everyone and everything around you.  You learn so quickly.  You bring joy to everyone who meets you.

Your personality shines through more and more each day.  You’re impatient and easily frustrated (sorry, you get that from Mommy), but you’re also persistent, independent and easily amused (you get that from Mommy, too! You’re welcome.)  You love to be around people, make new friends, and you kiss, hug, and snuggle like the best (You get that from Daddy!).  You bounce back quickly from set-backs and you don’t let anything keep you down long (Again, that’s Daddy.) You also are apparently able to snort milk out of your nose, which you also get from your Father (Sorry.)

But you have bits of personality that are uniquely “you.”  You’re so silly. You love to be outside exploring.  You notice small details. You’re so very, very sweet.  Just yesterday, you crawled over and gave me the lightest kiss on my cheek to wake me up in the morning, with a big smile on your face.  I hope these are all things you hold onto as grow up.  You also apparently have something against sleep.  I think you’ll ditch this by the time you hit 14 or so.

We hope you had a wonderful first year of life.  We’ve enjoyed every minute of you (ok, enjoyed might not be the best word for acid reflux, two-hour night wakings, and that first temper tantrum you threw in the store last week, but we enjoy you.)

Love you always,

Mommy & Daddy

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