Tales From the Crib: Week 51

17 Sep

My crazy parental units are at it again.  One minute I’m enjoying a nice rendition of Llama Llama Red Pajama, which led to Mommy deciding to build me a fort, then the next thing I know, this happens:

Why, yes. Daddy and I did build a tent in the house.  You see, our Summer To-Do List included camping.  Apparently, Daddy has never been camping.  Apparently, Daddy is afraid of drunks and wild animals at campsites (in that order).  Apparently, we have to camp in the backyard if we want Daddy to accompany us on our camping adventure.  So after some twisting of Mommy’s arm, we moved the tent outside…in the pouring rain.

Daddy had grand plans to grill out for our camping adventure, but the rain put a “damp”er on that (did you see what I did there?! lol).  So Mommy went off to get PIZZA! Pizza! OMG. Did you know pizza is food of the Gods?  It is.  I only know because I SNATCHED a piece when the crazies weren’t looking.  Apparently, they weren’t planning on giving me pizza. Clowns.

I ate the whole piece. Now, whenever Mommy asks me what I want for breakfast, I answer “juice pizza”.  Weird, I know.  I don’t really get either of those things ever. A baby has to try.

But back to the camping adventure catastrophe.  Daddy lugged all the blankets and pillow out there, but only put one thin blanket on the ground to sleep on.  This just wouldn’t do.  It HAS to  be 1.) Thick Mattress 2.) Memory Foam Mattress Pad 3.) Mommy in Soft Cotton Jammies 4. THEN Me.  Since I was missing numbers 1 & 2 in my sleeping arrangements, we moved the party BACK into the house and into the big bed.

It was a good thing cause we had to get up early to go to Grandma’s house.  I got left. Mommy and Daddy went to Kings Island.  DID I MENTION I’M NEGLECTED?!

This must have been the week of catastrophes:

Exhibit A: The Baby in the Paint Catastrophe

I got banished to flooring duty with Daddy instead.

Exhibit B: The Baby in the Paper Towels Catastrophe

I wouldn’t classify this as a weekly catastrophe–more like a daily catastrophe. Bwahaha.  Mmm…paper.

Exhibit C: The Mommy-Pinterest Fail Catastrophe

Oh, make ice blocks she says. It will be fun she says.  Rush things and use regular food coloring…and stain the floor and the baby rainbow colors.  Not one of your finer moments, Mom. (Though I did enjoy the frozen Mr. Potato Head parts into the ice blocks–so funny.)

Not even 1 year old, and capable of so much craziness.  I deserve a medal.

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