The Worst Day of My Life

22 Aug

Dear Grandma,

I have some sad news.  Daddy drove right by your house today.  Apparently he didn’t even stop to say “Hello”.  Obviously, he didn’t bring me by.  I would have loved to hang out with you–picking your flowers, terrorizing Zach, peeing on the carpet–you know, all the good stuff.

That’s not even the worst part of my day.  While Daddy was galavanting in Cincinnati, Mommy was out doing God only knows what.  Something about work blah blah blah…

She left me with a new babysitter.  I thought this arrangement might be okay because this babysitter has a little monster guy just like me, but after 4 hours-4 hours!-Mommy arrived home to find a very frazzled woman and 2 cranky little boys (we may have totally refused to nap AND eat lunch).

Could you tell Mommy to leave an approved list of shenanigans for the babysitter?  She wouldn’t let me climb in the window or throw balls in the house.  I’d ask her myself, but I’m not on speaking terms with Mommy or Daddy.


Your Totally Not Cranky Grandson

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