Tales From the Crib: Week 47

20 Aug

Since I did an “all about me” post last week, I didn’t get to share the super-fun thing that I got to do last week!

I rode a horsey!

Mommy took me to the Auglaize County Fair in Wapakoneta.  It was 100 degrees outside, but I was a champ.  I did the pony rides, played ducky pond, and looked at the animals.  I also perfected my “neighing”.

We got some really nice weather this week, so we went to National Night Out.  It’s an event put on by local firefighters, police officers, and other city personnel to emphasize family time together and put an end to crime.  There was free food, games, and sno-cones!

I was too little for the bouncy house (says Mommy!), but I totally could have rocked that.

And before you think, “Oh wow, you’re Mommy is so great and pretty and fun”, let me share the following incriminating photos.

In the Case of Matty vs. Mommy: The Case of Hiding Books and Computers Under the Couch

I KNOW! I know what you do, woman.  And now I’m coordinated enough to get them. I only ask that you read the same 3 books 127 times each. How hard could your life possibly be?

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