Tales From the Crib: Week 41

8 Jul

Yeah…I know, I know. I’m still a week behind.  We had such a busy week this week though, that I didn’t have time to blog.

First, we took my books back to the library. And I got to play puzzles.  And I played with some big kids. I tried to hold his hand when as he was leaving, but Mommy said I had to stay with her.

Then, Mommy and me went shoe shopping.  Apparently that is now delegated to Daddy, as Mommy said she will NEVER go through that again.  I can’t imagine why.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact Mommy took me to a store with really long aisles, and when she was trying to put the shoes on, I got distracted and crawled under the racks, and since the aisles were long Mommy got to me just as I was going under the next rack.  Good times.  Oh, and I also realized that shopping carts are just oversized walkers, so I pushed it around.  How was I supposed to know that it wasn’t actually our cart?  And I might have knocked some stuff over. Whatever.

Mommy must not have been too mad because then she took me to the park! And this was like the motherload of all parks.  There was a lake where we could rent paddleboats, which we didn’t.  Something about her having to do all the paddling, yadda yadda blah blah.

There was a huge pool with a splash area for little kids, which we didn’t go to because we didn’t have swimsuits. Minor detail, Mom. Minor detail.

We also played on one of three playgrounds and took a walk around the nature trail.  Our goal was to feed the ducks, since it was on our Summer To-Do List, but we did one better…we got HISSED at by geese.  Did you know they did that? We didn’t.  Then, get this, this is the best part, some old lady chased them away!  She was whacking them with her cane and yelling at the geese so we could get through.  Mommy was sneaky and took a picture.  I don’t know about your duck-feeding experience, but I count this as a win in my book.

I also went to Kat’s baseball game.  She’s only 6 and she already plays coach pitch! And she hit the ball. She’s an all star.  Mommy took me in my push-car, and I was hot stuff, and I know it.  All the Mommies were checking me out.  Unfortunately, all the kids were, too, and I ended up sharing.  I got pushed down. By a 4 year old.  Mommy told me to work it out.  Thanks, Mom.  Glad I can count on you to keep me safe.

It started getting REALLY hot towards the end of the week, so Mommy broke down and bought me a new water toy.  She had plans to DIY one, but hahahahhaha. OH, Mom. Like you have time for that.  So we went to Babies R Us and lucky for us, all the Summer stuff is already on Clearance.  Unlucky for us, the water table we chose came in like 47 billion pieces that required two people to put together (and apparently I was no help).  Mommy persevered and got it together.  Then she filled it up with the hose. Oh, a hose. Wow.  Hoses are so fun. They spray water. And they’re wet. And it kept me cool.  So. Much. Fun. that hose was. Oh…wait…what water table?

On Friday, it was SOOOO HOT so we tried out a new park—Faurot Park here in Lima.  They have a splash area for kids, but it was just ok.  A little girl dumped water on my head, and I was not okay with that (do you see the pattern here? I don’t think I’ll be going back to the park anytime soon).  Her Mommy yelled at her and drug her to the car—poor kid, I didn’t die and I’m sure in her little-girl brain it made since. Maybe she was flirting. I hear girls do weird stuff when they’re in love.

The heat wave brought in a really bad storm, and we barely made it home in time.  We had 80mph winds and most of the town was without power.  Lucky for us we only lost power for a few hours, but we lost cable and internet for a few days (poor Daddy).  Mommy and me watched the neighbors shingles blow off in sheets and the other neighbor’s tree fall down, but we were so lucky to have no damage.  Uncle Scott and Aunt Shannon came over to cook out and we partied until like midnight (yes, we—SPOILER ALERT—this lack of sleep continued into the next week, too!).

I think that about covers all our fun this week!  How did everyone else do with the storms?  Anyone want to come play with my water table hose?  Anybody want to come protect me at the park?

One Response to “Tales From the Crib: Week 41”

  1. Pam & Todd July 9, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    Tales from the Crib are Always a Treat 🙂 A book or reality show looks promising!

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