Tales From the Crib: Week 40

1 Jul

Whoops. We forgot to take my picture AGAIN.  That’s ok. I didn’t feel like having my picture taken anyway.  Why, you ask? Well, the good news is I now have FOUR teeth (all on the bottom…)! The bad news is, I now have four teeth. Blah. These two came in with textbook symptoms—drooling, runny nose, diarrhea (which led to horrible diaper rash), fussiness, lack of sleep (as if anyone needed THAT!), etc. etc. etc…

I did manage to have a little fun, though.  On Monday, Mommy and Daddy decided to let me play with the TV for the first time.  My keyboard also has video games for me to play.


It. Was. So. Dumb. Not only do I have better things to do than sit in front of a TV, but the “interactive games” were so dumb. Just dumb. I don’t even have words to describe it.  So then Mommy and Daddy broke out the big guns, and we played Dance Dance Revolution.  THAT was much more fun!  Especially since Mommy and Daddy aren’t the most coordinated people around…

(Ahh, Dad. It was ‘left, left, RIGHT’)

We also got a rainy day, so Daddy thought it would be fun to go play outside. In a torrential downpour.  I worry about him sometimes.

Daddy had to go to work in Cincinnati this week, so I got to go visiting! I visited Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Amy and Uncle David came to see me, too.  They brought their ferrets for Grandma to babysit while they went on vacation, and I thought they were so funny.  I also had lunch with Mimi.  We went to Chick-fil-a and then played at the playground. I also went to swimmy class and went swimmy in a big outside pool.  It was hot!

Then we rushed home to get the house cleaned because we had a party on Friday night!  Uncle Scott and Aunt Shannon are getting married, so we had an engagement shindig for them.  Daddy finally broke down and bought a grill—a charcoal one, which means Mommy won the 5 year debate on charcoal vs. gas—and let me tell you, he’s a grillmaster. We, I mean Daddy, has been cooking out almost every night cause he’s so good at it.  Mommy enjoys having the break from cooking, too! Anyway, we had some people over to celebrate, and Mommy was going to let me stay up late, but of course, I fell asleep at like 8. Baby Epic Fail.  We had a party crasher, though!

Yep, we have a new kitty.  The last stray kitty was great, but this one is even better.  Maybe if we live here long enough, we’ll get a stray unicorn that shits crapts poops rainbows show up at our house.  A baby can dream, no?

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