Tales From the Crib: Week 37

6 Jun

Guess what?! I took a 12 minute nap this week. 12 minutes! Did you know naps were allowed to be that short?  Oh…wait…Mommy is informing me that naps are indeed NOT allowed to be that short. Whoops.

To counteract our sleepiness, we decided to try out Summer To-Do List Item #5 and try out a new park.  We went to Kendrick Woods—it’s about 10 miles west of Lima.  There’s baby bucket swings, a big kid playground, a pond with geese, and walking trails.  We played in the swings, watched the geese swim, and had a picnic.  Too bad Mommy forgot to put the memory chip back in the camera so we had to take pictures with Mommy’s phone.  Sorry they’re crapt poor.

On Friday we drove all the way to Kentucky Speedway because Daddy and Grandpa Dan were supposed to drive Indy Cars!  Too bad the weather was yucky and they cancelled.  It would have been nice if they would have called before I had to ride all the way there in the car.

Hmm. That’s all. Boring week.  Someone come save me play with me!  There’s lots left on my To-Do List.  Let me know if you want to join!

1. Picnic on the Grass

2. Swim in the Ocean

3. Play in the Sand

4. Ride the Train at the Zoo

5. Visit a Park We’ve Never Been To

6. Play Games at the Fair

7. Do a Good Deed…or Two…or Three

8. Make Popsicles

9. Hike in the Woods

10. Paint a Picture

11. Have a Lemonade Stand at a Garage Sale

12. Feed the Ducks

13. Plant a Garden

14. Visit a Farm

15. Blow BIG Bubbles

16. Make Ice Blocks

17. Buy Fresh Food at a Farmer’s Market

18. Attend a Class or Group Activity

19. Go Camping

20. Have a BBQ Party

21. Catch Lightening Bugs

22. Do a Family Photo-Shoot

23. Visit With Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jason

24. Build a Sensory Play Box

25. Make a New “Summer Treat” Recipe

I'd love to hear what you think! Leave a comment below.

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