Tales From the Crib: Week 36

28 May

MOM! Mama! Maaaaamaaaaaa!

Did you hear that? Did you? It’s me! I can say “mama”.  More importantly, I can now follow Mommy room to room, and if I can’t keep up, I just yell “Maaaaaaamaaaaa” and she comes to get me.  It’s great.  She’ll never be able to leave me again!!! Muahahaha.

I can also give kissies.  Mostly, I just give kissies to Mommy, but sometimes Daddy does something funny and then he gets one, too.  My cousins, the rowdy puppies, like to give ME kissies.

See, I had to stay and endure slobbery puppy kisses while Daddy and Grandpa went to the Indy 500!  At least Mommy stayed with me.  This year.  I need to come up with a plan to get her to stay with me next year.  Hmmm…any ideas?

Auntie Amy and Uncle David came to play with me.  And Uncle David gave me a lecture about responsibility.  He knows all about that, since he’s graduating from college this week!

And then Auntie Amy stole my toys.

A baby can’t catch a break around here.  Even Mommy put me to work.

Okay, okay.  I’ll help you make dinner, Mommy, but I AM NOT DOING THE DISHES!

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