Tales From the Crib: Week 35

23 May

It was Garage Sale Week!  And this neighborhood takes its garage sales seriously.  There was a funnel cake tent, a french fry booth, a fried Oreo booth (yuck, yuck, yuck!!!), a popcorn tent and lots of grilling of hamburgers and hot dogs.  I got in the action and made a lemonade stand.

I had chips, apples, oranges, pecan rolls, donuts, water, and of course, lemonade!  On the first day, I only made $2.50, and $1.00 of that was from Daddy and The Bearded Beast We Call Brian (Daddy’s friend from work).  Things got better on Friday and Saturday, though.  I made about $10.00.  I’m going to use my monies for our Summer To-Do List “Do a Good Deed”.  I already started!

Me and Mommy did the sale all by ourselves. On Thursday and Friday, we kept our tables in the garage, and when it was my naptime, Mommy just closed the garage door.  That didn’t stop people from being CRAZY though.  People knocked on the door to ask if we still had certain items or when we were opening back up.  Some people even peeked in the house and tried to make offers on items in the house!  Mommy finally got persnickety and closed all the windows, curtains, and locked the doors.  I told you, these people take their garage sales seriously!

When I wasn’t napping, I was bait.

It worked. We were swamped.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact we live on the main corner, too, but I’m going to attribute it all to my utter cuteness.  I hammed it up, too.  I liked to pop up from over the back table when anyone came in.  I made goo-goo eyes at all the Grandpa’s (they’re the ones with the money!).  I also made a new friend–she was from Tennessee and I loved her accent.  I crawled right up to her and made her pick me up.  Then I gave her a kissy and laid my head down and closed my eyes.  Mommy was slightly shocked, but I’m not about to pass up a good cuddle.  I have needs, too, Mom!

By 11:00am on Saturday, we had hardly anything left to sell.  We made almost $300! We didn’t even know we had that much stuff.  Mommy and I both still have a few clothing items, but we’re going to take them to a resale shop to get rid of them.  That’s right, we followed Garage Sale Rule #1–NEVER bring anything back into the house.

Since we closed up at 11:00 on Saturday, we had plenty of time to rip more bushes out.  That’s right, Daddy is a bush-whacking machine.  He ripped out another 3 bushes.  Thankfully, Uncle Brad and Aunt Mandy stopped by, and they hauled all of the old bushes away.  Uncle Brad left his motorcycle in our yard to try to sell it.  I saw a twinkle in Daddy’s eye, but alas, he was good and saved his monies.

After a hard day of work, me and Daddy played hard.

Watch out Michael and Marco…Matty and Daddy are coming for you!

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