Tales From the Crib: Week 34

17 May

Aww, man. I don’t want to sit still…how many times do I have to get my picture taken, guys?! Anyway…

I saved Mommy! I did. I saved her from the bad man.  Mommy had to go to the chiropractor this week, but she forgot to tell Daddy so he couldn’t come home to watch me, so she took me along.  She brought me snacks and a blanket and toys for the office, but I had other plans.  I saw the table that they put her on. And I saw those wires that they hook her up to.  And I thought, Mommy. I will save you!

So when the Dr. came in, I went ballistic.  I screamed, and yelled, and clung to Mommy so she couldn’t get away.  And it worked! Mommy had to reschedule.   The Dr. probably thinks we’re crazy now.  You see, I didn’t tell you the whole story.  To make sure we got there on time, we left BEFORE my nap so that I could nap in the car.  But once we got there, Mommy decided to close her eyes too, “just for a minute”.  We woke up almost 2 hours later!  So Mommy went in to reschedule and they were able to squeeze her in.  She noticed that I had fallen asleep on my jacket, so I had the indentation from the zipper across my face.  After my maniacal plan to save Mommy from the crazy-contraption table worked, we went back to the car and Mommy looked in the mirror—she had a handprint on her face from where she fell asleep in the car.  Oh man, we’re a crazy pair!

In happier news, Sunday was Mother’s Day!  I’ve since been told that it is indeed “Mother’s” Day and not “Moth-er’s” Day.  Daddy kept saying Moth-er’s Day so I thought we were going to get to see all kinds of moths or maybe hit up the Butterfly Show.  But apparently it’s a day to celebrate Mommy! I can be down with that.  Once I learned that, Daddy helped me order some flowers and chocolates.

I know Mommy’s getting sick of flowers, but Daddy wasn’t a big help at the last minute.  I also gave her what she really wanted (kind of)—I slept in until 8:00 and then we went to breakfast.  Daddy helped me by celebrating the night before with candles, wine, cake, a movie, and a massage after I went to bed.

That’s how babies are made! Yay!

Oh, Mommy said, “No way, Jose.”… I don’t know who Jose is, but he’s apparently not getting a baby sister either.  We also took Mommy to the garden center and bought her a hydrangea bush, an azalea bush, and some other pink bushy thing.  Then me and Daddy spent the whole day ripping out old bushes and putting new landscaping in.


Oh, maybe Daddy and Mommy did all the work and I played.

All in all, Mommy said it was a good day and she loves us both very much!

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