Tales From the Crib: Week 33

9 May

Oh, hi. Sorry, I get kind of distracted lately.  SO MUCH TO DO!  Anyway, it was SO HOT this week. Almost 90 degrees!  I didn’t know life got that hot.  We tried lots of things to keep cool:

Like Popsicles. I didn’t really like them…

And swinging. I like to go really high!  Thanks for my swingset Mimi and Papaw!

And rolling around in the grass. It doesn’t taste as yummy as it looks either!

And outside bathtime. It was the best!

The heat really got to all of us. On Sunday, Daddy came in the room while Mommy was putting me down for a nap and woke me up. Wide awake.  So Mommy handed me to Daddy and…left.  She just got in the car and drove away…I don’t know where she went but she came home with bags and bags of food so I’m guessing it was a good time wherever she went.  Daddy had to get me to sleepy…

(Mommy and Daddy might be going crazy, but I like it! I haven’t snuggled and sleepied on Daddy’s chest since I was little…relatively speaking, of course.)

Since it’s so nice out in the evenings, I want to stay up to play.  Til like 10:00!  I don’t think Mommy is down with this plan cause she just left me sitting in the sunroom, NAKED, and she curled up on the chaise with a cup of tea and some chocolate chip cookies and I saw her eyeing the wine on more than one occassion.  I wanted a snack, too, so I ate a bug!  It was a roly poly one. Num Num Num.  After that, Daddy decided he might need to do some real parenting, so he took me for a walk…NAKED, through the yard so we could sneak up on Mommy from behind.  It was so funny.

(Look! You can even see the reflection of Mommy’s cookies…I wasn’t joking!)

That’s when Mommy decided to turn the AC on, but whop whop, it didn’t quite work.  It made some crazy whirring sound and the house didn’t cool down much. But, our house came with a home warranty so we’ll get some help with a new one!

Thankfully, it cooled down by the weekend, cause we had a busy, busy day on Saturday.  Auntie Amy ran in the Flying Pig 10k!

I was really excited about those flying pigs, but I didn’t see any.  I did see a juggler. And a cute couple running while holding hands  And some 10 and 11 year old kids! Wow!  Mommy didn’t want me to be disappointed, so she played the part of the Flying Pig.

We walked around to different parts of the route so we could see Auntie Amy and also to enjoy the city.

Then we went to breakfast, then Daddy went to Full Throttle to let of some steam driving go-karts while I napped in the car.  Then we all went to IKEA.  Then, I stayed with Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Amy while Mommy and Daddy went to lunch and go their hair cut.  This is what happened to me while they were gone: NOTE: Watch it fullscreen!

Whew, I’m exhausted from just watching all those people run.  Daddy said we’re going to do it next year, though we’re going to walk.  Daddy even promised to wear pink tights and a tutu.  Or dress as the big bad wolf and me and Mommy can be little piggies, but we need a third little piggy—anyone want to commit to joining us?!

2 Responses to “Tales From the Crib: Week 33”

  1. Christine June 4, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Matt is a beautiful baby. Give him a kiss from me. I’m Christine visiting at the great garage sale, from Knoxville Tn. Hope Matt remembers me I’m a Great Grandmother. My grandson is Hayden. Maybe we will visit next year and I can visit at a garage sale.

    • Ashley Niehaus June 5, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

      So glad you visited the site! I’ll be sure to give Matty that hug from you!

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