Tales From the Crib: Week 32

8 May

Apparently I’m not Peter Pan and I cannot fly.  That’s all I’m saying. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

We’re still taking things easy around here.  Mommy is kind of healing up, but she still has to see the doctor three times a week.  She’s able to hold me to nurse me and we went for a walk in my stroller once this week.   We’ve had to do some more “mellow” activities. Whatever, Mom.  So Mommy got out the crayons. WARNING: They do not taste as yummy as they look.

But apparently I’m supposed to rub them all over the floor.  That will come back to bite you in the ass bum bum, Mommy.  Anywho, I got to draw my very first picture.

I’m quite the Picasso, you know, without the whole cutting off my ear thing, though.


After I finished my picture, Mommy helped me cut it into 3 pieces so I can keep a piece, and we can send a piece to Grandma and Mimi for Mother’s Day.


I don’t need Mommy to hold me and carry me so much, cause I can CRAWL, CRAWL, CRAWL. ALL. OVER. Did you know you can actually LEAVE a room? I can just crawl into the kitchen whenever I want.  And when I’m done playing in my room, I can just crawl into the Living Room to find Mommy and Daddy.

My favorite thing is pulling up and cruising. Yep, I can already go from the coffee table to the couch and back again. And again. And again. And again.  It’s so much fun!

Oh, and do you want to see my new toy?  Mommy got me an alligator walker.  I love to pull up on it and play with the twisty beads on the back.  I can’t quite push it yet, but I’m getting there.

I also had lots of fun because Aunt Angela and Kat came over to play!  Thankfully, Aunt Angela was there when I attempted my “first flight” and made Mommy feel better about my failure to launch…Me and Kat played in my room with my toys and Kat showed me how to jump on my trampoline—soooo THAT’s what that thing is for.

Mommy made dinner, then she let us bake cookies and Kat puts LOTS of sprinkles on them.

(BAAAAD white balance photo, Mommy. But Daddy and I are really concerned about all the sprinkles–look at our faces.  Daddy told me that when girls do crazy things you just smile and nod and let them do it.)

Speaking of my room, I love it! I have lots of fun toys all displayed on shelves, and I spend lots of time  taking them off, then putting them back, then taking them off, then putting them back…Mommy is getting a nice break cause I’ll spend 20-30 minutes playing all by myself in my room.  And you can tell from my weekly picture that we moved stuff around a bit–my chair is in the other  corner now, so I have half of the floor open for just playspace!

We’re getting so much done around the house—Mommy is finally at a point where we can get stuff up on the walls and décor items out.  Daddy’s still chugging away at the bathroom (and at the bottle…).  Hopefully we’ll have some new pictures to share with you soon.  Daddy is a like a rabid squirrel who runs from room to room working on stuff, and so Mommy has to run after cleaning up his messes. Needless to say, we just have lots of pictures of half-done projects.

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