Tales From the Crib: Week 31

26 Apr

I broke Mommy! I broke Mommy! Poor, poor, poor Mommy.  But I got my trusty wrench out and I’m going to help fix her.

Apparently I’m a heavy boy.  And apparently I’m high needs and I need to be held a lot.  Enter Mommy.  She loves me and holds me and rockies me.  And then her back got brokey.  Carrying me around the ship (two nights in heels!), holding me on the airplane, and wearing me on excursions did her in.  I’m pretty sure 9 months of pregnancy and 7 months of general Baby Matty care contributed too.  On Tuesday, Mommy was taking me for a walk in my stroller, when all the sudden she had a shooting pain in her back, and we almost didn’t make it home.  She didn’t sleep at all that night and was in so much pain.  Daddy still went to work Wednesday morning, evne though Mommy couldn’t move, let alone pick me up or care for me. Bad, bad Daddy.  Mommy almost called an ambulance after we both laid on the floor crying for an hour.  Needless to say, Daddy had to take off work Wednesday afternoon to take Mommy to the chiropractor.  4 misaligned vertebrae. A misaligned pelvis making her left leg an inch and a half longer than the right (pain!@#*%), at least one herniated disk, and so much swelling the doctor wasn’t sure those were the only problems…They put Mommy on a special table and cracked and popped her all over–ouch!  Then they did electric-massage therapy.  She has to go back 3x/week until…she’s better, I guess.

Thank goodness Daddy called in reinforcements. Grandma! Grandma came to stay at my house  to take care of me.  She brought the puppies with her, too!

Not being able to play with me and take care of me is killing Mommy (and me, too!).  Grandma even had to carry me into the bedroom and lay me down so Mommy could side-nurse me, which still hurt. Poor Mommy.  But we made it through.  Friday afternoon, Mommy was feeling well enough to ride in the car back to Grandma’s house so Grandma and Grandpa could both help take care of me.  Daddy stayed home and did this:

You can’t really tell from Daddy’s crappy poorly-taken picture, but he reglazed the shower.  He used Rustoleum Tub and Tile paint, and it looks good. It needs another coat, but it’s so smelly that we have to vacate the house for a few days afterwards, so we’ll have to wait on that.

I have some BIG NEWS!  Are you ready for it?  Are you?


And not just army crawl, or drag along. I mean, serious get from one room to another.  BUT, I don’t like to.  I’ve been dogging my abilities for awhile. Since Mommy is sicky though, I had to make myself known.  I have a siren–I want everyone to know I’m on the move, so I wail like a mad-man whenever I crawl.

(Here I am checking out the dining room.)

(But then I couldn’t get out…)

(Don’t take a picture of my strife, guys. Help me! And zip up my jammies!)

I think Daddy took some video of me crawling and wailing, but I’m not going to make Mommy go dig that out right now.  I know, I’m thoughtful.

I have more BIG NEWS!  Are you ready?


(OHHH, don’t mind the mess…it’s been a rough week.  And don’t worry, those are just my leftover vacation diapers–nothing permanent.)

Yep, on Tuesday, Daddy was watching TV and not paying attention to me, so I grabbed the ottoman and popped right up so that I blocked the TV.

I’m already a pro, so Mommy pulled my old wedge out so I can pull up on the back, and since it’s smooth on the bottom, I can push it around the house!

Oh, gotta go.  We have to go get Mommy another ice pack for her back! Toodles!

Oh, and pray for me and Mommy–I need my Mommy snuggles back!

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