Tales From the Crib: Week 30

25 Apr

In our post-vacation haze, we forgot to take my picture.  But that’s okay, I drew you one! Do you like it? Huh, do you?  I think it looks just like me!

Anywho, do you want to hear about my vacation? I got to ride on an airplane, and a cruise ship, and a big bus!  It was so much fun.  And I was such a good boy.

I learned vacation can be classified into 5 categories:


Here I am resting at the New Orleans Riverwalk while watching the ship load:

And I decided to rest again JUST as we were getting ready to board:

And the booth at the Windjammer seemed like a good place to rest while Mommy and Daddy chowed down:

Oh, and again at dinner (this was a frequent occurence):

The bed was pretty comfy for resting:

Cuddled up with Mommy was good:

Sleeping on deck was nice:

(Umm…yeah, that’s me under the towel.  I needed a little snack, too.)

But resting on the  beach was the best:


I felt like I was a regular on Cheers–everybody knew my name.  Everywhere I went it was, “Matthew, Matthew”, “Oh, Hi, Matthew”, “Matthew, over here!”  So, needless to say I made lots of friends.

This is me and Baby Elle.  She was my first vacation tryst.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be–I couldn’t keep up with her. Literally.  She was older than me and crawling all over.  She was also heading back to Sweden, and her Daddy was an officer on the ship, so I knew better than to break her heart.

Even though she was older, I was bigger, and her Mommy called me a “real man”.

This is my waitress friend.  She would run around the Windjammer yelling my name whenever I came in.

We also got her on video.  The quality isn’t great, but if you listen, you can hear her promise to kidnap me to the Philipines and push other women away who wanted to come play with me, too.

(Notice how Mommy stealthily took away my balloon animal?! She won’t let me have any fun! This friend also gave me a giant chocolate bunny on Easter, and Mommy “stealthily” took that away, too!)

I also made friends with the entire table that sat behind us (and everyone at our table, of course).  One of the ship’s photographer’s also became a good buddy.

She was blond, need I say more?  I guess I have a thing for blonds, just like Daddy (Shhh…don’t tell Mommy). Oh, and don’t mind the horrible picture quality–this is Daddy’s idea of  “helping and scanning”, aka taking a wonky picture of a picture…Oh, Daddy.


Although I wish all of my family could have gone on vacation with me, having some special Mommy/Daddy time was nice, too.  Especially the Daddy time.  He’s my favorite guy.


I’m so glad I got some teethies before the trip!  The food was SO good, and I got to eat anything I wanted!  Even rum cake! Though, I kind of stole that when Mommy wasn’t paying attention to me…

Aside from that, I had watermelon soup, pork medallions, shrimp, crab, peaches, strawberries, asparagus, peas, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes, an ice cream cone (no ice cream–boo, Mommy!), roasted peach soup, roast beef, turkey and dressing, and SO. MUCH. MORE.  And GUESS WHAT?! I didn’t spit up at all…EXCEPT, the one day Mommy gave me plain Cheerios as a snack…my tummy is so weird sometimes.


Oh, man. I had so much fun.

Of course, I played in the sand and swam in the ocean.  Here I am in Jamaica.

I loved the sand…I loved to EAT it! Hahaha.  I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t have to stay in my tent–I can crawl.  Saaaaannnd!

Look at the face of excitement! And Daddy’s look of nonchalance at my escape.

I also went to the Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman.  There were big turtles and little turtles and I got to pet and swim with them!

In Cozumel, we went to some Mayan Ruins.  They were the fertility ruins and Mommy yelled at me and Daddy not to touch anything!

I had lots of fun on the ship, too!  They have a Royal Babies program with lots to do!

I went to Baby Music and Baby Gymnastics.  There was also free-play time with lots of toys, so we spent some time there, too.

I had lots of fun playing on deck, too.  Mommy was super-prepared and packed a bathtub that doubled as a baby pool.  Since I don’t potty in the toilet ALL the time, I’m not allowed in the pools on the ship.

(Sorry for the blurry picture–I move quick like a ninja.)

Our stateroom attendant made me fun towel animals.  He even included Roo!

We discovered on the second-to-last night that I really like listening to live music–specifically the violin player.

The violinist was so nice and he stopped playing for a minute to wave to me and make silly faces.  Then the whole band got messed up. Whoops. Damn Darn me for being so cute.

Whelp, it was a busy week and exhausting week.  It literally broke Mommy’s back (more on that next week!), but it was worth it.

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