Tales From the Crib: Week 29

16 Apr

Do you like my picture?! I was on vacation!  More on that another day. First, we have to catch up on what was going on the week BEFORE vacation…

Since Mommy and Daddy accidentally booked a vacation over Easter, I had to visit the Easter Bunny and ask him to come to my house a week early.

He couldn’t make it himself, but he did send his apprentice.  We caught him in action (I guess that’s why he still the apprentice and not the REAL Easter Bunny yet).


I got a whole Easter basket! It had a baby lamb, a squishy ball, some rubber duckies, a pinwheel, and some yummy snacks.

Daddy got a golf-themed basket, along with some chocolate candies (which I stole when he wasn’t looking and drooled all over!).  And a hat for me!

Mommy got a fashion-themed basket with shoes and a new bathing suit for vacation, along with some Mounds bars, which I think Daddy ate.  Maybe we should just do a communal family Easter basket next year!


Mimi and Pawpaw sent me some dollars for a swing set, so Mommy ordered it.  It was a bit hectic—she had a coupon code for free shipping and $50 off, but it had to be used before we left on vacation.  So we had it shipped to Uncle Brad’s house.  BUT, it shipped a week earlier than anticipated, so literally as we were leaving for vacation, it came.  So we had Daddy’s friend Brian help us pick it up in his truck, then put it in our garage.  Phew.  Lots of hard work and it wasn’t even together yet!

Oh, and I went to the Doctor this week for my 6 month check-up.  Mommy changed to new Dr. in the practice, but she’s on Mommy’s shit-list naughty list now, too.  First, she told Mommy that I was the most perfect, wonderfullest, most developed baby EVER! Seriously, she said I could pass for a 1 year old developmentally and size-wise.  She said I was the most alert 6 month old she’s ever seen, and that I must have brothers and sisters at home stimulating me.  THEN, she told Mommy that she was doing everything wrong…I need to sleep in my crib and cry it out; I need to only be allowed to nurse every 3-4 hours, and NEVER at night; I should stop eating what I’m eating and go back and start with rice cereal.  Oh, sigh.  Looks like me and Mommy are off to new doctor.  Mommy said the next Dr. has to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya.  Any recommendations?

Whelp, that’s my Easter update.  Too bad I didn’t get to see everybody and hunt for Easter eggs, but I got to spend the whole week with Mommy and Daddy and that was super-fun, too!  I’ll be back soon with Week 30 update, then Mommy will fill you in on all the vacation details for each port and about our ship.  Off to unpack!

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