Summer To-Do List

2 Apr

1. Picnic on the Grass

2. Swim in the Ocean

3. Play in the Sand

4. Ride the Train at the Zoo

5. Visit a Park We’ve Never Been To

6. Play Games at the Fair

7. Do a Good Deed…or Two…or Three

8. Make Popsicles

9. Hike in the Woods

10. Paint a Picture

11. Have a Lemonade Stand at a Garage Sale

12. Feed the Ducks

13. Plant a Garden

14. Visit a Farm

15. Blow BIG Bubbles

16. Make Ice Blocks

17. Buy Fresh Food at a Farmer’s Market

18. Attend a Class or Group Activity

19. Go Camping

20. Have a BBQ Party

21. Catch Lightening Bugs

22. Do a Family Photo-Shoot

23. Visit With Aunt Kristin and Uncle Jason

24. Build a Sensory Play Box

25. Make a New “Summer Treat” Recipe


We’re incorporating the Spring season into our timeframe, so we can aim for one activity each week.  Of course, some adventures may be a combination of a few things on the list, but we’re going to try to have a full Summer experience by crossing off each thing individually.  If you see a fun activity that you’d like to join in on, let me know so we can plan!

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