Tales From the Crib: Week 27

29 Mar

Recycle! Save the Earth! And all that good stuff.  Anywho…

I got teeth! I got teeth! Teeeeeeth! Two of them!

I woke up Wednesday morning, grabbed Mommy’s finger, and bit her!  Hahaha.  Don’t worry, I’m not turning in to Hannibal Lecter, I just wanted to show her my new teethies.  I’ve been pulling at my ear lately, but Daddy thought I was just playing a game that Grandpa Dan showed me, and Mommy thought I was getting a sicky ear, but silly parents–I was getting teeth!  And inquiring minds want to know…no, Mommy is not making me wean from nursing just because I have teeth now.  I’ve only bit her one time, and I was half-asleep, so it was an accident.  No big deal, guys!

We did some work in the yard and to the sunroom this week.
Oh, sorry.  Maybe Daddy did all the work while me and Mommy napped outside on the swing.  Daddy washed all the windows and walls and pulled up the old yucky carpet.  Mommy swept and put down a new rug.  I played.
Here’s a picture of the sunroom shortly after we moved in:
And here it is now:
Daddy even installed a new light!
Again, still a lot to be done, but I can play in here and that’s all that matters!
Then Mommy realized I’m getting bigger and she’s getting smaller and we don’t have enough clothes for vacation, so off to the mall we went!  Mommy tried on all kinds of clothes while I cooed at this handsome baby in the mirror. Two other babies had complete meltdowns in the store.  Mommy wheeled me by in my stroller, and I smiled at the one dude, like chill guy, relax, but it just made him scream louder.  What the heck?!  Then a little 2 year old girl came up to my stroller to flirt talk, and I was bigger than she was!  But she could walk already. Totally unfair.
On Friday, Mommy had to go to a meeting at work, so Daddy came home to stay with me.  BUT, he got called to meeting, too, so he had his meeting at Olive Garden and I got to go!  Yum Yum Yum (Daddy lets me eat the good stuff!)  Then he dropped me off to Mommy’s work, so I got to play with Kathi while Mommy finished up.
On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy had their first baby-free date night.  Without me!  They were supposed to go to a work party, but it was lame, so they bailed and went to the see The Hunger Games (Mommy read the books and says that they actually did a good job with the movie, so check it out!)  Grandma and Auntie Amy drove all the way to Lima to stay with me.  And get this, I was okay for a whole 4 hours! Even past my bedtime!  But I fell asleep as soon as Mommy got home–even before Grandma pulled out of the driveway.  Auntie Amy is exhausting!

Look! More cute picture of me:

(Hiiii, Everybody!)

(Why, yes, that is Daddy asleep while watching me.  And yes, I am going to try to pull up and get to the electronics while I think no one is watching me.)


(I’m practicing my teenage angst face.)

(Hangin’ out with Baby Olly.  He doesn’t have a special seat like me.)

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