Tales From the Crib: Week 26

21 Mar

Can you believe this weather?  I can’t.  It’s so much fun!  I get to go outside to play every day!

Even my diapers get to go outside to play!

(Yay for not having to run the dryer in 80 degree weather!)

I like to sit in the front yard so I can watch all of the cars go by.

I like to ride in my stroller, too.  Me and mommy take a walk a few times a day, and we run into all kinds of other babies and mommies.  We almost got attacked by a stray dog one time—that wasn’t so much fun…

Oh, and I got my very first passport! Yay!  I can go anywhere in the whole world now.

On Monday, I got to go to Cincinnati, AGAIN, to see Grandma.  I stayed with her while Mommy got her hair cut.  Grandma helped me make potato soup and cookies for St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m sure they were delicious, but I wouldn’t know.  Mommy wouldn’t let me have any.

But I am apparently allowed to have crapt yucky stuff.  Oh yum, sweet potatoes.  So much yummier than potato soup and cookies, Mom.

(What mess?)

I’m just kidding—Mommy lets me get a kid’s size taco with rice and beans from Chipotle, and I eat almost the whole thing!  And then the whole thing ends up in my diaper…glad Mommy got the diaper sprayer hooked up!

On Wednesday, Daddy and I went to the…ZOO! Mommy had to work in Toledo, and I won’t let her go away from me for the whole day, so we all went together!  Daddy took me to the zoo for a couple of hours.  I got to see a baby elephant! And penguins! And a polar bear who was diving and swimming.  He took my new sippy cup and my Baby Mum Mums and I did a good job!  My Daddy was the only Daddy there—with lots of other Mommies—I think they felt sorry for Daddy, or they thought he was a cute single Dad.  Watch out, Mommy!

(I really liked the duckies!)

(And snack time)

(And penguins–just like Daddy!)

Oh, yep.  Did you see that?  My new SIPPY CUP!  This one has a straw.  I like it.  I can hold it and drink it all by myself.  Because I’m drinking some water throughout the day, I’ve cut out a nursing session with Mommy.  Mommy says that extra 20 minutes in between sessions feels like an eternity.

We also made some progress on the house.  Do you want to see.  Here’s the Family Room before…

and here it is now…

Still lots to do, but much better!

Speaking of house projects, I have to go.  We’re working on the yard work now!  Off to Menards (it’s one of my favorite places)…

One Response to “Tales From the Crib: Week 26”

  1. Brad Wauben March 21, 2012 at 3:32 pm #

    What a cutie!

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