Tales From the Crib: Week 25

16 Mar

Mommy got me a kitty! Kind of…

This a sad story so get your hankies out.  There was an old woman who lived in our house before us.  We suspect that she had a kitty, and that her kids forced her into a nursing home, and then said kids kicked the kitty outside and he has been on his own for a year.  He showed up the first day we moved in and meowed at the door.  He’s been living in our bushes, but when we came home the other day, he ran right into the house!  Mommy tried to chase him down, but he seems to know his way around the house (hence the fact we think he used to live here).  He went into the bedroom and meowed and looked around forever.  I think he was looking for the lady.  He finally curled up in my rocking chair in the sunshine, and Mommy gave him some food then put him back outside.  She had to lure him out with food, then run in a circle to discombobulate him, then run back in when he wasn’t looking.  We named him Seuss (cause, you know, the Cat and the Hat).  He comes in sometimes when Mommy isn’t looking.  But when he meows, I cry, so Mommy puts him outside.  Then he meows and paws at the door, so Mommy lets him in.  Then he meows, so I cry.  It’s an all-day affair.  But Mommy says we have to be kind to kitties and other animals, even if they’re not ours, so we help to keep him safe and fed.

In other news, Friday was Mandy’s birthday, so we all went out and got smashed had a quiet party.  We went to Yamato’s Japanese Steakhouse—a hibachi!  There were flames! Crazy.

But Mommy wouldn’t let the guy squirt Sake at Daddy.  Boo, Mommy always rains on the parade.  I had fun and even ate part of Mommy’s seaweed salad!  Afterwards we had game night at Brad’s house.  I wanted to go to sleepy but I couldn’t cause it was noisy and it wasn’t my bed.  That’s okay, I helped Mommy and Daddy kick ass–oh sorry, apparently only Daddy is  allowed to say that–win…well, Mommy carried the team.  Daddy did this:

Friday was a busy day because we also got our new countertops installed! Yay!  They look so great.  Now we just have to put the backsplash up, paint the trim, paint the soffits, organize the cabinets…oh, man, this house stuff is hard work.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Earlier in the week I got to go to Grandma’s house cause Daddy had a meeting in Cincinnati.  Grandma, Mommy, and me went shopping and Grandma bought me a xylophone!  I love noisy toys!  Though, I keep forgetting that the mallet isn’t a spoon.  Mommy bought me some shorts and clothes for the cruise.

The weather has been really nice here.  Mommy took me on a 3.5 mile walk.  I was exhausted afterwards—riding in the stroller is hard work.

Oh, oh! And last week I learned I CAN fall asleep by myself…this week I learned I don’t HAVE to. Muahahaha…

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