Matthew’s Baptism

29 Feb

Doesn’t he look dapper in his baby-man suit?  Too bad it didn’t fit. Even though it was 18-24 mo. size and fit a month ago when I ordered it.  I decided to wait until we got to the church to change him so he didn’t spit up all over it, and because it was thin and I didn’t want him to freeze.  We walked in literally a minute before the baptism was about to begin because I couldn’t get the thing snapped.  He has ginormous thighs.  I was shoving his little booties on during the first part of the ceremony. Gah!  I felt like a disheveled mess, but hopefully it didn’t show too bad.  Maybe the priest was having the same kind of day–he refused to bless the water because “it’s been here awhile and I’m sure it’s been blessed a few times.”  He also mixed our names up.  I’m 2 for 2 with priests mixing my name up during important ceremonies. Ha!

I finally got the invitations out about a week and half beforehand…sadly, I ordered invitations in December–December!  Then we had to change the date.  Then I had the bright idea of just modifying the existing invitations by printing labels.  Then the labels got packed in the move.  Then I just hunkered down and redesigned and printed them at home.  Should have done that weeks ago…

Thankfully, the weather cooperated and everyone was able to make it to Lima.  It was actually a pretty nice day considering it’s February.

He cried.  I really didn’t want him to cry.  It was my only concern.  I mean, come on.  Who wants their kid to cry while being given to Jesus?  To his credit, the priest did pour it in his eyes.  But Matty squirmed. Or maybe I almost dropped him. Or both.  I was trying to hold a 23 lb. baby in an awkward position.

Matty with his Godparents. Kind of.  Eric’s sister, Amy, is Matthew’s godmother, and my brother, Jason, is his Godfather.  But my brother, who is an officer in the Salvation Army, had a big meeting for his own church and couldn’t make it down (over?) that day. It was our fault–we had to reschedule it.  So we made Amy’s fiance, David, stand in.  Welcome to the family, Uncle David!

Matthew’s Great-Grandparents (Eric’s Grandmother and Grandfather).  So happy they were able to make it up.

My parents.  Guess I know where I get my aversion to having my picture taken…This was the best one with them. Ha!

Matthew with Eric’s parents

Matthew with his Uncle Dannel, his “Honorary Godfather” and football coach.  He’s thinking, “Uncle Dannel, why didn’t you shave for my Baptism day?”

Matthew’s favorite party people.

I think mah arms where falling off by this point…Poor kid.  I’m pretty sure Matty was done with the pictures, too.  He was thinking, “I know there’s a cake and tons of food coming sometime.  I helped Mommy make it.  Where is it?”

My parents were happy to be there, I think?  Maybe my Mom is practicing her gansta pose?

Only picture we got with the hat!  The hat! It made the outfit. So stinkin’ cute.

Afterwards, we all went back to our house for lunch.  I made a meat and cheese tray, a veggie tray, crockpot mac and cheese, and had pretzels and chips.  I also made entirely too much cake.  Apparently a 3-layer 12 x 12 raspberry-filling cake was too much for 20-something people. Oh well.  I ate cake for breakfast the next day politely threw it away and stuck to a healthy diet.

Sorry for the horrible, horrible picture.  Between bad lighting and half-dead camera batteries this is all I got.

Thankfully, we don’t have furniture in the family room yet, so it was easy to just throw up two folding tables, a tablecloth, and few decorations.  It’s amazing what a couple rolls of $1.88 ribbon from Wally World can do!

I sent Eric out for a bouquet of white flowers.  A small one.  Just a couple of carnations really.  He came back with 5 bouquets…There’s a vase of flowers in every room, I think.  I won’t complain though–they made a nice centerpiece.

Making everything the day before really worked out well.  It took about 10 minutes to get everything set up after getting back from the church.  That left plenty of time for cuddles with Matty!

(Will you rock me to sleepy, Grandma Thome?)

A HUGE thanks to everyone who thought of Matty and brought/sent a card or gift.  Seriously, this kid is blessed.  I think his favorite gift was a waterglobe from Grandma Lisa.  He LOVES listening to the music.  Though he was really excited at first when he thought it was some sort of food…

He also got a personalized bible, a children’s bible, a Noah’s Ark story, a variety of Easter books, a homemade soft book, a silver personalized picture frame, a silver spoon and cup, and some dollars for his piggy bank (I swear, he’ll be prepared for a zombie apocalypse or an asteroid hitting the moon–he’s the only one in the house with cash! 🙂 )

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